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Safety and Risk Management

Minimise your exposure to risk, incident, and non-compliance to protect your people, plant integrity, production and the environment

At ABL, we utilise our award-winning software, world-class safety integrity and risk management standards and highly experienced experts to identify and implement risk mitigation tactics designed to safeguard production and minimise operational expenditure.

With decades of experience and expertise, ranging from the identification of SCEs across millions of equipment tags to the development of over 30 corporate HSEQ management systems and being the technical authors of global suites of performance standards for oil and gas majors, we are well positioned to provide solutions to ongoing challenges and initiatives

Peter Adam

Peter Adam

Group MD – Asset and Integrity Management

Market Challenges

Understanding true levels of risk such as Major Accident Hazards (MAH) and how this translates to the operational impact.

Assurance of accurate performance standards and having confidence that safety equipment will function when required.

Proving compliance with legislative obligations.

Integration of integrity indicators into the CMMS/EAM/ERP and poor management of change (MoC) of data, systems, and documentation.

Skills shortages and knowledge gaps in organisations.

The safety case is not kept live and does not reflect the changes in the asset over the life cycle.

Our Solutions

Process safety and risk management

  • 3rd party benchmarking of safety frameworks, standards, and documentation
  • Asset-level risk analysis and management
  • Development, review and update of the Safety Case and formal safety assessment
  • Performance standard development and integration into asset performance system
  • Bowtie analysis
  • Process safety auditing and training
  • SCE identification and management strategies
  • Regulatory compliance review and gap closure assistance

HSEQ management support

  • HSEQ management system audit
  • Development of a HSEQ management system
  • Development of HSE documentation
  • Assistance with regulatory approvals process
  • Crisis and emergency management
  • Strategic security management
  • Training

Integrity management

  • Review and optimization of integrity management frameworks and documentation
  • Application of RBI methodologies to optimise through life integrity management of the asset
  • Ex inspection
  • Equipment verification
  • Prime integrator of RBI capabilities
  • Online tank inspection
  • Corrosion inspection management strategy
  • Corrosion inspection management system setup
  • Supply of ad-hoc technical advisors and subject matter experts
  • Training

Asset life extension

  • Asset life extension study
  • Equipment vulnerability analysis
  • Technical integrity assessments and audits
  • Obsolescence study and management
  • Disposal study and business case development
  • Spares repurposing study and recycle support
  • Decarbonization and energy transition opportunity identification (ISO 50001)

Software solutions

With the capability to conduct plant barrier health analysis and data benchmarking using our analytical software and specialist consultants, we can provide a clear improvement roadmap that is prioritised based on your true exposure to risk and projected efficiency gains from investment.

The value we bring

Enable full visibility of your true risk profile

Prioritise workload based on risk

“SEIC and ABL worked together on Integrity Assurance implementation project for an LNG Asset in Sakhalin.

ABL provided excellent project management and strategic advice, moreover the technical knowledge of the team makes ABL ideal to manage large scale technical safety and risk projects.”

Maintenance Integrity Execution Lead, Oil and Gas Operator in Sakhalin

The 2023 Global Maintenance Manager Report

Produced by our Asset & Integrity Management specialists, this report features survey responses from hundreds of maintenance professionals from around the world as well as analysis and tips from industry experts.

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