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Navigate the journey to becoming one single entity with ease.

Helping companies seamlessly migrate maintenance, materials and integrity data, practices and strategies during a merger or acquisition.

With mergers and acquisitions being a present-day reality and imminent future for many organisations, the need to approach the changes that inevitably come with this territory can be overwhelming and can cause uncertainty for decision-makers and stakeholders.

Peter Adam

Peter Adam

Group MD – Asset and Integrity Management

ABL has worked with many large organisations at the outset of their acquisition journey and has been able to work directly with the decision-makers to create a realistic roadmap for how the changes, particularly to their CMMS, will occur.

From migrating CMMS data and ensuring all data is captured, to managing culture shifts and different maintenance philosophies, we utilise our years of experience, industry-leading standards and best-in-class software to guide companies through the enormous transition of merging or acquiring new assets.

Common merger and acquisition challenges:

During a merger or acquisition, there are typically vast differences between the two company’s CMMS data, which can be attributed to completely different CMMSs and differences in data maturity between the two organisations. ABL has in-house expertise in a wide variety of CMMSs, a depth of knowledge in data standardisation, cleansing, and migration, as well as world-class software to allow the migration to be efficient and effective.

Differences in maintenance management regimes, including variations in maintenance philosophies, maintenance strategies, approach to criticality, and work management processes are challenging to navigate during a merger and acquisition. Ease adoption and implementation of standardised best practices with the help of an unbiased third party like ABL to support staff in adapting to a new working culture.

Poor inventory accuracy, duplication in materials data, incomplete BoMs, and differences in material management processes can have a substantial impact on operation performance, especially during a merger or acquisition. ABL’s expertise in material management, material data and ability to develop an executable roadmap for implementation helps our clients achieve operational excellence.

The acquisition and/or merger of two or more organisations has major cultural gaps which leads to resistance from each side of the respective organisation. This leads to continued practices based on “this is the way we have always done things at X”. Working with and understanding the pain points, concerns and overall ambitions of the people involved in day-to-day activities is critical for implementing meaningful and impactful change.

Discover our suite of merger and acquisition support services


  • Maintenance benchmarking and optimisation
  • Maintenance philosophy development and implementation
  • Maintenance strategy development and implementation
  • Criticality / FMECA / RCM facilitation and assessment
  • Maintenance gap assessments and improvement roadmaps
  • Development, implementation and/or improvement of a maintenance management regime
  • Work management process development and improvement
  • Backlog rationalisation studies and work order packaging, routing, nesting, smoothing and load-leveling

Asset Data

  • Physical asset verification
  • Cleansing, Standardisation and Enrichment of asset data
  • Datamining
  • Asset register hierarchy build
  • Supply of data scientists and CMMS analysts
  • CMMS/EAM selection and migration support
  • CMMS/EAM data analysis and enrichment roadmap

Materials Management

  • Equipment and maintenance Bill of Materials (BoMs) development and enrichment
  • Critical spares identification
  • Inventory data analysis and improvement roadmaps
  • Inventory audit, count and verification
  • Material data standardisation, cleansing, deduplication, enrichment and mastering
  • Min/max level setting for stock holding
  • Repair and sparing philosophy and decision criteria creation
  • Obsolescence management


  • Change management
  • Competency assessments
  • Maintenance and materials management training and coaching
  • Supply of maintenance and materials subject matter experts

Why choose us to support your company’s merger or acquisition?

Staggered approach based on business goals

Before offering solutions, we take the time up front to fully understand your organisation’s best practices, current pain points and how you desire to do business as you move forward through a merger or acquisition. We formulate a staggered approach based on your business requirements, desired behaviours and culture, and execution timeline to provide valuable deliverables that will be championed by your team.

Maintenance and materials management experience

Helping client’s achieve maintenance excellence is our core business, and we employ a highly experienced team of maintenance, integrity, materials and reliability consultants, engineers and CMMS data analysts who have a proven track record in delivering maintenance, material, and CMMS optimisation projects.

A focus on sustainable success

ABL firmly believes that we have not successfully completed a project if our client is unable to sustain the results or deliverables. We understand that during a merger or acquisition, training and education on the big “why” is essential for adoption and embracing of the change. Through every stage of the project, we have a focus on ensuring the sustainability of the deliverables leveraging continuous collaboration and ensuring understanding, buy in and enthusiasm is gained from all levels of the client’s organisation throughout the entire project execution.

Free, no risk assessment

When you partner with us, we can conduct a free pilot approach by analysing a sample of your company’s data and identifying crucial areas of improvement in our findings to help you begin merging and optimising best practices with a clear starting point.

“Having worked with ABL AIM as Add Energy since 2020 regarding various key projects which have been integral to the key company initiatives, including navigation an acquisition with a large operator, we have developed a great working relationship with the asset integrity management team and they have become a trusted service provider to us.

It is believed that the success of this relationship and delivery of projects is through a relationship of trust, respect and knowledge of our pain points and identification of appropriate mitigation techniques to help us stay within our timeline and budget. We have also found it to be useful to utilise ABL’s proprietary data analytic tools to help us achieve success in these projects and we look forward to a continued relationship with the team.”

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