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AqualisBraemar LOC’s extensive expertise spread across maritime sectors includes a multi-disciplined and global team of specialists in all areas of ports, harbours and terminals. Our broad range of services includes port capacity and operational simulation studies, marine consulting in port pilotage operations, marine operations engineering, digital services, as well as significant expertise in marine casualty management, fixed object damage and expert witness and litigation.

Global knowledge of ports and harbours

Our extensive global network with offices based in every major offshore and maritime hub in the world, combined with our cross-sector experience in maritime, offshore oil & gas and offshore renewables, means ABL staff have an unrivalled knowledge of all types of port infrastructure and are familiar with all major seaports globally.  This in-depth knowledge positions us perfectly to provide tailored technical support to clients across the ports and harbours sector.

Marine and engineering consulting on port capacity and operational simulation studies

Utilising our dual-purpose software package BRAEVURA ©, we are able to accurately model existing and future traffic flows using AIS data to predict port capacity, berth utilisations and to assess the effects on marine traffic of purposed modifications such as the introduction of new berths, vessel types or navigation rules.

We undertake detailed mooring and berthing analysis of vessels to optimise mooring patterns and fendering arrangements and identify limiting environmental conditions for specific berths. We also assess passing vessel effects and provide guidance on minimum separation distances and speed limitations.

Fast time and real time Vessel Manoeuvring studies identify arrival and departure environmental limits and tug requirements. We also offer a range of pilot training services using a full mission simulator, as well as a bespoke digital platform with integrated drone technology, supporting pilot peer learning and knowledge retention.

Our design support services include; assisting designers with port and berth developments covering aspects such as mooring and fendering arrangements, channel and turning circle design, manoeuvring analysis and operational simulation.

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    Experts in ports, harbours and terminals claims, disputes and litigation

    We provide expert services on claims relating to ports and terminals, with our objective always being to protect the clients’ interests and minimise their financial losses. With a team of maritime civil engineers supported by the deepest pool of expertise across other marine and engineering disciplines, we routinely act as expert witness and support claims and litigation regarding all types of fixed object damage (‘FOD’), unsafe berth and port infrastructure, port operational procedures and pilotage arrangements, amongst other areas.

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    Key areas of expertise include:

    • Evaluation of the cause, nature and extent of damages, identification and reporting of associated / relevant risks
    • Organising and supervising underwater survey inspections
    • Advice on repair methodologies and costs
    • Advice on alternative temporary repair options
    • Assessment and advice on consequential losses
    • Support in sourcing and procurement of specialised second-hand equipment to reduce long lead times on ordering new replacement items
    • Organising and managing repairs, including preparation of tender documentation, bid evaluation and contract supervision
    • Advisory on the appropriate contract set up for repair works

    Technical Due Diligence, Survey and Audit Experts

    AqualisBraemar LOC applies its entrenched legacy in marine surveying, inspections and audits, with our ports and harbours expertise, to offer all types of port investigations, surveys and audits including the following:

    • Port damage
    • Port infrastructure failures
    • Port operations surveys
    • Loss of use claims
    • Environmental control and mitigation
    • Port marine safety and unsafe ports
    • Technical due diligence – covering feasibility assessments, risk assessments, competency reviews, operating and maintenance procedure reviews, emergency planning reviews etc.

    Our ports and harbours experts also work closely with our in-house expertise in marine renewable sources and sustainability engineering and consulting, through group companies Innosea and Longitude Engineering, to offer expert advice in design, feasibility and technical due diligence on the integration of green energy solutions and initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from port infrastructure.

    Floating offshore wind port

    Innosea, the marine renewables engineering and advisory experts, are project partners to the PORTOS project – a European R&D project focussed on encouraging integrated use of marine renewable sources in Atlantic coast ports.

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