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Jack-Up & Wind Farm Installation Vessel Support

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Jack-Up & Wind Farm Installation Vessel Support

ABL Group’s pioneering experience in wind farm installation, combined with our established reputation in the jack-ups market, places us uniquely to provide a comprehensive package of technical support throughout the life-cycle of jack-up wind farm installation vessels. Our multi-disciplinary teams of engineering, geotechnical specialists and marine consultants offer in-depth knowledge and support from initial concept and feasibility through to construction, and operations and maintenance.

Jack-up vessel services

ABL Group offers a range of specialised services across our core service lines to help clients mitigate risk and optimise efficiency from the early outset of a project right through to operations: engineering and design, marine engineering consulting, marine surveys inspections and audits, marine warranty survey, and expert advisory services in legal claims disputes and litigation.

Wind farm installation expertise

We provide a broad range of technical services to support at every stage of a jack-up vessel’s work in wind farm installation:

  • Desktop studies and site feasibility
  • Marine warranty survey (MWS) services, including field and individual location approvals
  • Specification and management of offshore geotechnical and geophysical surveys
  • Field categorisation of multiple turbine locations, interpretation and risk mitigation
  • Metocean studies
  • Leg penetration analysis with V-H interaction and leg extraction assessment
  • Site-specific assessments to ISO19905-1 or SNAME 5-5A
  • Liquefaction and seismic assessments
  • Scour assessment and protection
  • Spud can footprint interaction studies for safe installation
  • Rack phase difference (RPD) studies
  • Pre-load optimisation
  • Planning of marine and installation activities, including navigation studies and risk assessments
  • Jack-up surveys and audits
  • DP audits and surveys
  • Safety cases and reliability/integrity assessments
  • Lift and installation conceptual and detailed design
  • Seafastening design
  • Stability calculations
  • Jack-up modifications and strength checks
  • Dry transport engineering
  • Tender/bid support
  • Expert advice and/or litigation support

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