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HSEQ & Risk Consulting

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HSEQ & Risk Consulting

ABL Group’s staff have specialist knowledge of risk management, process hazard assessment, safety practices and procedures, and marine environmental issues. Our multi-discipline approach to assignments is significantly enhanced by our expertise in marine operations, casualty investigation and consulting work. This combination of theoretical and practical knowledge gives ABL Group experts a unique perspective of the complex risk profile in any marine operation, whether in maritime, oil and gas, or renewables projects.

Global experts in identifying marine risk

ABL Group is highly experienced in the organisation and management of a broad range of risk management processes and meetings, for identifying risk and establishing procedures for risk mitigation. Expertise covers the following:

Safety case preparation

Our personnel have the safety case development experience which spans all phases of the project lifecycle, onshore and offshore; within concept selection evaluation, FEED and detailed design support, construction activities, operational support for mobile offshore drilling units (IADC), pipelines, decommissioning / abandonment, revisions and updates to existing safety cases.

Risk Assessments / Studies

ABL Group staff have a long track record in performing formal safety assessments (FSAs) / risk and safety studies, incl. consequence analysis, fire and explosion, dropped object, ship collision, quantitative risk assessments, ERRA, ESSA and ERRV validation trials (UK PFEER).

Workshop Facilitation

Our process Hazards Analysis (PHA) facilitators are some of the most experienced in the industry. We have extensive experience in conducting HAZID, HAZOP, SIL, LOPA, ALARP / CBA, SVA, FMECA, Bowtie, management of change (MoC), concept selection, layout reviews and in the planning and running of associated workshops.

HSEQ Management Systems

We have highly experienced personnel in the development of strategy, philosophy, plans, and guideline documents for projects and operations, which are designed to address regulatory and safety case requirements. Our documents will address integrated management systems for international drilling, HSEQ / PTW systems for onshore oil, gas and port operators.

Regulatory Approvals

Safety Case preparation and submission, bridging documentation, interface plans, construction, operation, abandonment, pipeline, emergency response, and subject matter expertise (SME).

Risk-Based Inspection

Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) uses risk analysis methods to focus tests and inspections on process equipment in high-risk service. This allows potential losses of safety, environmental impacts, equipment damage and business interruption to be minimised. Its utility is based on the rough premise that testing and inspection can be focused on high-risk service areas rather than on low-risk items. RBI will allow you to; prioritise your equipment for inspection, optimise inspection methods and frequencies, and develop specific equipment inspection plans, which ultimately results in improved safety; fewer forced shutdowns and reduced operational costs.

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    Process Safety Management

    Consistent with the PSM standard and in preparation for Risk Management Plans, we conduct audits (gap analyses) of existing programs. We provide you with recommendations that meet the requirements of the 14 elements outlined in the PSM standard. We will actively track recommendations to ensure strategies are instilled into the performance culture.

    In-house HSEQ expertise

    At the heart of everything ABL Group does, we apply our expertise to limit risk to an acceptable level in any operations at any stage – be it maritime, oil and gas, or renewables, onshore or offshore. As such, we blend marine and engineering capabilities with a robust in-house team of HSEQ specialists, to support in creating checklists, guidance, procedures and in HAZID / HAZOP amongst others, meeting organisation, for the correct identification and management of risk throughout a project, operation or asset lifecycle.