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Energy Transition

Energy Transition

Climate change is widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Whether you are young or old, working to solve this is one of the most inspiring actions of the 21st Century. ABL Group, working in renewables, oil & gas and maritime sectors, has already pledged itself to the UN Global Compact Network UK, where one of the four major areas of responsible business action is the environment, to achieve a more equitable society. Last year, recognising the significant part we play in the energy sector, we elevated the Group’s focus on energy transition, where the impact can be greatest in achieving a Net Zero world.

The group is committed to driving renewable energy, carbon-reduction and sustainable technologies across our energy and oceans. To accelerate our efforts we have identified five major areas of focus for energy transition in addition to what we are doing already in renewables:

  • Electrification
  • Hydrogen / Ammonia Alternate Fuels
  • Emissions / Audit Assessment Abatement
  • Carbon Capture Utilisation & Storage (CCUS)
  • Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience

We have developed, delivered and continue to evolve cutting-edge services within our group in every one of the above areas and invite you to connect with us in your energy transition journey.

R.V. Ahilan, Chief Energy Transition Officer

Challenges and opportunity in going green

The road to net-zero is paved with opportunities for innovation and growth, unlocking the potential for the unknown across energy and oceans. However, as with any area of the unknown, there are challenges and risks in developing energy transition and sustainable solutions, which need to be addressed and managed from the outset.

Challenges include:

  • With increasing technologies under R&D, how to identify the right and feasible technology for your industry, project or operations
  • Forecasting accurately the value creation and profit generated from a particular decarbonisation initiative
  • Emission reduction and carbon footprint of existing infrastructure and fossil fuel industries
  • Risk forecasting and HSEQ management around unknown and new technologies
  • Experience and knowledge gap in what is still a young industry

ABL Group combines recognised practical experience across our markets with cutting-edge engineering and technical expertise, to provide turn-key and fit-for-purpose technical solutions to decarbonise our sectors. We bring a technical authority across the renewable energy landscape, covering wind energy, energy storage, solar PV and hydrogen among others, as well as an understanding of the challenges facing different segments of energy and oceans in transitioning to net-zero.

Our consulting and engineering services cover a range of areas supporting sustainability across renewables, maritime and oil & gas, with support from feasibility and technical due diligence, to concept and detailed design, through to construction and operations.

Driving the energy transition across all sectors

Click through the sectors to see our experience and services.

Wind projects
Wind capacity
Floating Solar PV
Wave & tidal
Hydrogen projects
Interconnector projects
Battery Energy Storage Systemes (BESS)
Offshore wind farm construction
Floating solar PV panels
Wave energy
Hydrogen power station
Design of Europe’s first emission-free hydrogen fuel-cell seagoing ferry
7+ hydrogen and alternative fuel applications
Cold Ironing applications for ports
PORTOS – Ports towards energy self-sufficiency
Battery & fuel-cell technology for ships
Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
Digital emissions tracking
Offshore wind farm construction
Hydrogen powered ferry
Wave energy
Hydrogen power station
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
CCUS projects
Electrification of rigs
Decommissioning projects
Digital emissions tracking
Offshore wind farm construction
Floating solar PV panels
Wave energy
Hydrogen power station

The value we bring

Multidisciplinary expertise across engineering and marine

Combining experience with cutting-edge engineering to spark innovation that works

Producing turn-key solutions to see your project through from feasibility to engineering to construction and operations

Putting safety, cost and time efficiencies at the centre of what we do

Track-record in renewable energy technologies since the industry’s early days

Long-term practical experience across our markets

A globally-focussed service, bringing local knowledge to different global markets

Where we work

Renewable Energy

Through-life engineering and consulting in wind energy, onshore, offshore and floating, solar PV, wave and tidal energies, energy storage and hydrogen.


Solutions and infrastructure to replace traditional power sources with electricity, powered by alternative fossil-free fuels


Marine and engineering consulting across more than 30 hydrogen projects covering roadmaps, production, storage & transportation, consumption and application.

Emissions Consulting

Digital and consultancy solutions to understand your emissions profile, track your carbon footprint, and calculate carbon risk.

Energy Storage

Independent engineering and technical due diligence for the application, integration and engineering of energy storage solutions, including battery energy storage systems (BESS).


Engineering and consulting to support the analysis, design, application and operation of CCUS technology across oil & gas and maritime sectors.

Clean Shipping

Supporting IMO2050 in decarbonising maritime with a range of engineering and consulting services across maritime and ports, including ship design, alternative fuel engineering, automation in shipping and cold ironing.

Climate Change Adaptation

Combining multi-disciplinary engineering across metocean, environmental, geoscience, structural, hydrodynamics and more, to provide robust climate risk assessments and solutions to climate change adaptation and resilience.