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MWS: Decommissioning

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Offshore Oil & Gas Decommissioning

Decommissioning of oil and gas fields at the end of their design life is a complex task that involves a number of interested parties and stakeholders to ensure that the platforms, wells and associated subsea infrastructure are safely and efficiently dismantled and removed. As a non-productive cost, ABL Group fully appreciates the importance of finding the correct solution to ensure cost-efficiency without compromising safety and quality.  

Through our long-term experience in supporting the construction of oil and gas and other offshore energy infrastructure, combined with our legacy in large maritime salvage and wreck removal work, our teams have the knowledge and expertise to support in all types of decommissioning work, transferring skills as well between oil and gas and renewables to support on some of the world’s first turbine decommissioning activities. 

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    ABL Group has supported some of the world’s largest and most complex decommissioning projects, as well as on inaugural decommissioning projects in certain jurisdictions. 


    Decommissioning projects




    Tonnage removed on a single project

    Between our group companies, we offer a broad range of services in decommissioning, covering loss prevention, loss management, and consulting and engineering services. 

    Experts at marine warranty survey for offshore decommissioning

    ABL Group has the market-leading technical expertise to support you in every decommissioning project – any size, any type, and anywhere in the world. Our first high-profile decommissioning project was Brent Spar, where we provided warranty and consulting services to Shell for the disconnection, wet tow, deconstruction and eventual re-use in jetty construction of the spar structure.

    Our decommissioning expertise covers the following: 

    • Spar tow and deconstruction 
    • Steel GBS platform removals and deconstruction
    • Topsides removals (piece small, modular lift, single life and re-float)
    • Fixed jacket, piles and template removals (piece small, single life and re-float)
    • FPSO disconnection and tow (Including yolk, external riser turret, internal turret and spread moored vessels)
    • FPSO mooring systems and riser removals
    • Articulated loading columns, CALM buoys and other loading systems
    • Flexible and umbilical recoveries (including associated riser bases and lay-over arches etc.)
    • Manifolds, X-mas trees, well-head and other subsea structure removals
    • Pipeline abandonment, including cleaning, flushing and rock-dumping
    • Semi-sub & drill rig tow and disposal

    Pioneers in decommissioning

    Our collaborative approach to each project allows us to work with all the relevant parties to consider, review and approve innovative removal methods and systems. Such as Buoyancy Tank Units (BTU) used on Frigg jacket removal and weld-less sea-fastening.

    ABL Group was involved in the first use of Pioneering Spirit on the decommissioning of the Yme platform. This project typifies our approach from early marine advisory through to final MWS approval.

    Whatever your decommissioning project entails, we have the skills and experience to assist.