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Rig Inspections and Assurance

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Offshore Rig Inspections and Assurance

ABL Group Rig Inspection (RI) delivers a wide variety of rig inspection services, with a global team of inspectors that has extensive industry experience and in-depth knowledge across all types of rigs. Expertise covers drillships, DP semi-submersibles, moored semi-submersibles and jack-up rigs, ranging from traditional manual operated drilling rigs to the latest 7th generation cyber-based drilling rigs with complex integrated control management systems and dynamic positioning systems.

Our RI service is highly developed to be offshore environment-focused, de-risking the impact of rig operations as far as possible on local marine environments.

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    Comprehensive rig inspection and audit services

    • Rig inspection and assurance
    • Rig selection services
    • New build delivery assurance service 
    • Focused rig equipment inspections:
      • Well control equipment inspections 
      • API standard 53 compliance audits & gap analysis
      • Cyber-based drilling equipment inspections 
      • Integrated control management system (ICMS) inspections and testing
      • ROV inspection and assurance 
    • Drilling rig equipment factory acceptance testing (FAT) witnessing 

    Our inspection teams are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) trained in the use of Drilling Equipment Systems, Well Control Equipment, DP systems as well as being IADC Well Control qualified.

    ABL RI utilise multi-disciplined inspection teams comprising:

    • Marine Engineers
    • Electrical Engineers
    • Electro Technical Engineers
    • Subsea Engineers
    • Mechanical Engineers

    Regulations and standards

    Our inspection teams identify the appropriate regulations and standards based upon port of registry, local flag state regulations, equipment age, and applicable industry standards. 

    • Statutory flag state legislation
      • International Maritime Organization (IMO) Modu Code
      • IMO MARPOL regulations
      • IMO COLREGS etc.
    • Statutory Port State Regulations such as
      • UK legislation PUWER, LOLER, PFEER, Safety Case Regulations & Oil & Gas UK.
      • Norwegian NORSOK, NMD & NPD regulations
      • USA Coastguard Regulations & BSEE regulations
    • Classification Society Regulations
      • Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd (DNV-GL) Classification Society
      • American Bureau Shipping (ABS) Classification Society
      • Lloyds Register Classification Society
    • Industry Standards
      • American Petroleum Industry (API) Standards, Specifications and Recommended Practices
      • International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA).
      • Marine Technology Society (MTS)
      • Drops ForumEnergy Institute EI17 HPHT

    ABL FTQ360 – Digital real-time rig inspection reporting tool

    Efficiency. Consistency. Transparency.

    In partnership with quality management software specialists FTQ360 (First Time Quality), the ABL RI team has developed a cloud-based real-time reporting tool, tailored to support the overall rig inspection process to be more efficient, consistent and transparent.

    The ABL FTQ360 has been developed based on extensive discussions and research with a number of oil majors, to identify common challenges in the rig inspection process, with the goal of developing a software solution which would be entirely fit-for-purpose, and would meet the demands of the rigs’ market.

    Example: Real-time monitoring of progress

    What is the ABL FTQ360?

    ABL FTQ360 provides a centralised, uniform and efficient platform for reporting checklist-based inspections by synchronising rig inspection data across multiple shareholders and devices.

    It enables multi-member rig inspection teams to work on the same inspection simultaneously, as well as allowing clients, management and other shareholders to monitor and contribute to the progress and findings of the inspection in near real-time.

    It therefore, offers clients and projects a simple-to-use one-stop-shop platform for increased dialogue between stakeholders throughout the inspection process, ensuring greater visibility and clarity over the process, and in turn, reducing overall reporting time.

    Benefits to client and project

    • Dynamic checkpoints can be created to increase flexibility
    • Inspection flow plan logic can be inserted leading to follow-on instructions
    • Standardised non-conformance list
    • Standardised reports – daily, final report, data queries
    • Synchronisation enables real-time monitoring of progress and findings on all devices
    • Transparency over rig inspection process
    • Standardisation results in reduced Quality Assurance requirements
    • Flexibility to configure precise client / company reporting styles / requirements

    Benefits to inspectors

    example: real-time monitoring of findings
    • Centralised platform collating photos, supporting documents and producing non-conformity lists with supporting data and evidence
    • Straightforward easy-to-use interface, to create or input existing checklists lists with
    • Reduces need for written input – improving consistency and accuracy
    • Eliminates double-handling of data
    • Reduced overall reporting-time
    • More time available for inspection
    • Transparency over rig inspection process for all interested parties

    How to use

    The ABL FTQ360 is usable when both online and offline internet. It can also be used on more devices operating Windows, Apple or Android applications, incl:

    • PCs, Laptops
    • Mobile phones
    • iPads
    • Tablets

    Get in touch with Steven Lee – Director of Offshore Technical Services – for more details on the ABL FTQ360 and how it could support you.

    Rig inspection and assurance process

    Our RI can provide pre-drilling contract rig inspection assurance, where the rig’s regulatory compliance and equipment operability are verified. Detailed inspections of rig equipment and systems are conducted using the five-step assurance process:

    • IDENTIFY equipment and systems to be audited, and the geographical location of operations
    • REVIEW documentation for equipment and systems to check regulatory compliance
    • INSPECT equipment and systems to check regulatory compliance
    • FUNCTION test equipment to verify operability
    • REPORT upon the findings from the previous steps

    Where non-conformance recommendations (NCR) are identified, the rig inspector as your service partner will assist in identifying solutions to ensure correct and satisfactory closure of any NCR. 

    As each offshore drilling rig is unique, we offer bespoke rig acceptance programs developed with the intimate experience of rig intake process. These rig acceptance are engineered to deliver both practical and achievable test programs. 

    ABL RI uses the latest in video technology to document and record aspects of rig acceptance testing such as tubular handling, which can be used to support crew competency and identification of potential drilling time efficiencies.