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Vessel Condition Surveys

Vessel Condition Surveyors

A vessel condition survey is a statement of fact. ABL Group vessel surveyors and inspectors report on the condition of a particular vessel’s hull and machinery, and other equipment condition at the given time of the inspection. The survey will typically determine the working or operational condition of equipment and management systems, including their certification status. ABL Group works with vessel and barge owners, charterers, and insurance interests, including Protection & Indemnity (P&I) Clubs, in providing condition surveys for vessels and fleets of all types, sizes and purpose.

Complete and comprehensive vessel surveys

Our marine assurance and risk expertise combined with experience across maritime, offshore renewable and oil and gad sectors, positions us perfectly to complete comprehensive vessel inspections, surveys and audits for technical due diligence, lay-up/reactivation surveys, pre-purchase surveys and other reasons.

Typical we conduct this work on behalf of finance and insurance interests. Our personnel have extensive experience with condition surveys for a variety of clients and uses.

Independent and impartial condition surveying

On-hire or off-hire condition surveys will include consumables (for example bunker and water levels – ROBs). As ABL Group is a well-established, independent and impartial company, it will often act on behalf of both parties (owner and charterer) in these surveys.

Survey forms may be provided by clients, particularly in the case of P&I clubs, and our surveyors are familiar with many of these forms. Otherwise, we maintain our own condition survey report template that can be tailored to suit the survey required and the vessel or barge type.

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