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Marine warranty surveys (MWS)

Receive an accurate and reliable marine warranty survey (MWS) for your project. As the world leader in marine warranty surveys (MWS), we provide technical surveys for the largest and most complex marine construction projects. We’ve also worked on major onshore construction projects requiring marine transportation of large modularised and pre-assembled units and other project components.

For over 40 years, we have acted on behalf of underwriters, their assured, the assured’s contractors, as well as self-insured clients to de-risk marine operations and protect the interests of the insured.

What is a marine warranty surveyor?

A marine warranty surveyor provides independent third-party technical review and approval of high-value and high-risk marine construction and transportation project operations – from the planning stages through to the physical execution.

Our expert, international MWS service

Whether you have a large development project or a smaller, regionally-focused one, we have an extensive network of international experts at your disposal. Our network is manned by professionally qualified and experienced technical specialists covering a broad range of marine, engineering and offshore disciplines.

This gives us the flexibility to support and service large infrastructure development projects (or mega projects) and also the smaller, more country or regionally-focused projects where we can supply local personnel and country/region knowledge.

Track progress in real-time

We use a proprietary web-based project tracking and management system to manage multi-site projects, which you can access to track our work’s progress and deliverables in real-time.

Why choose ABL Group

Our decades of experience, global network, high-calibre multi-disciplined teams, project management systems, and our long-term marine legacy to always seek the truth in everything that we do, make ABL Group the obvious choice for the provision of your MWS needs.

We also sit on the MWS advisory panel to the Joint Rig Committee of underwriters and have assisted in the authoring of the code of practice for Marine Warranty Surveyors.

Available for a variety of marine operations

We provide MWS for the following critical marine operations:

  • SURF Installation
  • Loadout / Offload
  • Pipelay & Cablelay
  • Cargo transportation
  • Offshore Decommissioning
  • Gravity Based Structures (GBS)
  • Rig Moving & locations approvals
  • Land Transport & final placement
  • Transportation & Installation (T&I)
  • Operations & Maintenance (‘O&M’)
  • Single-voyage transport tow approvals
  • Floating Construction, floatover, deck mating, FPSO mooring installation & TLP hook-up

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    Who is a marine warranty survey for? 

    These are typically required by those involved in marine operations such as vessel owners, charterers, insurers, and banks, to provide an independent assessment of the risk associated with a marine operation.

    Why do you need a marine warranty survey?

    Marine warranty surveys are essential to ensure that marine operations are carried out safely, in accordance with applicable regulations and industry standards, and with the appropriate level of risk mitigation measures in place. This is important for high-value or complex marine operations such as offshore construction projects, transportation of heavy cargo, or drilling operations.

    By obtaining a marine warranty survey, you and the parties involved can demonstrate to stakeholders that you have taken all necessary measures to minimise risk and that you are committed to ensuring the safety of assets, crew, and the environment. Insurance underwriters may also require a marine warranty survey as a condition of providing coverage for the marine operation.

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