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Maintenance Strategy Optimisation

Consulting & EngineeringAsset and Integrity ManagementMaintenance Strategy Optimisation

ABL’s highly experienced experts, world-class maintenance standards and award-winning software will help you identify and implement maintenance optimisation strategies designed to safeguard production and minimise operational expenditure.

Our team can work with your team to optimise your plans, by either conducting a full analysis and optimisation project or by supporting your in-house team to deliver specific components.

Maintenance strategy optimisation is the key to hitting production targets safely and consistently. It is important to fine-tune your plans based on current operational requirements, lessons learned, data analysed, industry best practice, new techniques, new technology and so much more.

Peter Adam

Peter Adam

Group MD – Asset and Integrity Management

Our team of maintenance consultants and analytical software can:


Thoroughly explore your maintenance data and strategies


Benchmark your maintenance regime and plant performance against industry best practice


Fully investigate problem areas and identify opportunities for improvement


Deliver a highly detailed action plan for optimising your maintenance management regime

Our solutions

Maintenance analysis and optimisation

Equipment vulnerability analysis

An independent evaluation of the risks for equipment or assets across key areas of engineering, reliability, spares, maintenance and economics. We provide a current threats ranking and forward plan that will improve or maintain your current risk levels.

Equipment reliability analysis

An independent evaluation of an asset, system or equipment reliability and looking at improvement opportunities or highlighting key tasks that are currently being conducted to maintain your reliability goals.

Late life extension studies

A review of assets that are at the end of or beyond their design life, and identifying the actions required to safely operate them beyond that timescale.

Equipment maintenance strategy development

Using either our own RCM based maintenance library or developing bespoke strategies for clients, we can provide a maintenance solution to any asset situation, to ensure safe and efficient operations are justified, planned and scheduled.

Equipment maintenance strategy optimisation

We can work with you to ensure industry best practice is applied across your organisation. We strive to enhance any gaps in maintenance strategies to ensure all factors from safety assurance to inspections are accounted for in the system, which will deliver the required asset availability or performance at the lowest overall cost, balancing maintenance cost to asset downtime costs.

RCM studies and facilitation

Set up of the base data and facilitation of the foundations required to build a maintenance program with reliability centered maintenance principles. We use FMEA and FMECA cloud-based tools to run workshops, face-to-face or remote sessions to evaluate the current applied maintenance.

Obsolescence studies

The identification and categorisation of equipment or systems that are approaching or have become obsolete, and providing options to deal with continued operation or replacement plans.

New build plant

A full maintenance, integrity and materials management regime developed alongside the physical build to assure readiness for start-up.

Existing operational plant

An optimisation or rebuild of an existing maintenance, integrity and materials management regime to unlock efficiencies and ensure usability.

Plant upgrade and modifications

Replicate new equipment in the CMMS/EAM or ERP and apply the associated maintenance, integrity and materials management regime.

Plant life cycle management

Rationalisation and update of maintenance, integrity and materials management program to align to the phase in the asset’s operational life.

Acquisitions, mergers and new systems

To facilitate the migration and transfer of a maintenance, integrity and materials management regime from one, or multiple systems to another.

Assuring master data quality

To enable effective Data Management of Change (MoC) by monitoring your data to ensure it is maintained to the correct standards to avoid data quality drifts that undermine the proficiency of the CMMS/EAM or ERP.

Maintenance management system optimisation

  • Work order packaging, routing, and nesting
  • Work order sequencing
  • Work order smoothing and load-levelling
  • Backlog rationalisation studies

Maintenance performance benchmarking

  • Third-party maintenance improvement studies
  • Third-party CMMS data analysis and improvement recommendations
  • Maintenance management KPI development and analysis
  • Asset health check audit

Work execution support

  • Root cause analysis
  • Maintenance management KPI analysis
  • Backlog rationalisation studies
  • Competency assessment
  • Maintenance management training and coaching
  • CMMS utilisation training
  • Supply of maintenance management technical advisors and subject matter experts
  • Supply of data scientists and CMMS analysts

Gain access to maintenance optimisation solutions that are guaranteed to:

Protect your people, plant, and the environment

Our maintenance optimisation software

Our award-winning software has been designed to improve the interface between people and data, harnessing machine learning and industry 4.0 to revolutionise the way businesses operate.


Effio™ is a cloud-based master data build and optimisation software capable of saving up to 50% on time and cost efficiencies compared to traditional methods.


Conduct any field data collection, verification, or audit exercise with 4 times more accuracy and in half the time.

Automated change management and maintenance intelligence software

Our proven results

Our solutions have been proven to increase plant uptime and unlock significant cost savings and efficiency gains for our global clients, across multiple industries.


Savings of over $18.5M per year by optimising annual planned maintenance hours. 

Savings of $7M per year through optimisation of annual planned maintenance work orders.

Enhanced production uptime by 11% through maintenance optimisation tactics identified by ABL.

Case studies

“Plant reliability is one of the most noticeable outputs of this project; not only are we setting record reliability statistics, but we are achieving this with optimised levels of maintenance, done at the right time, in a globally consistent manner.”

Maintenance Director, International Energy Company

The 2023 Global Maintenance Manager Report

Produced by our Asset & Integrity Management specialists, this report features survey responses from hundreds of maintenance professionals from around the world as well as analysis and tips from industry experts.

By filling in the form below, you can speak to one of our experts to learn more about our solutions, request a quote or book a software demonstration.

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