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Offshore Site Investigations

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Site Investigations

As an independent consultant, we provide a balanced view of survey requirements, oversight and execution. We perform geophysical survey and geotechnical site investigation scoping, tender review and appraisal. We project manage operations and delivery and undertake vessel auditing.

We are experienced in site and shallow hazard surveys, rig positioning and installation surveys, debris and environmental surveys and other surveys to support engineering. We provide geophysical data QC, interpretation, laboratory test scheduling and review. We perform on-vessel client representation and can perform the role of party chief or site manager.

Combined with our expertise in Geotechnical and Geophysical Engineering we bring very good working relationships with some of the best Offshore Client Representatives (OCRs) in the industry, but our internal geotechnical engineering team have also acted as OCRs on various offshore wind campaigns via our OWC service business and other offshore energy projects with high commendations.

Experts In Offshore Site Investigations

Our key added value can be summarised as follows:

  • Client Representatives offered from a highly experienced pool of internal and external resources with support from ABL Group’s office based geotechnical and management teams
  • Extensive network of OCRs based across the globe, minimising travel times, meeting local resource requirements and reducing travel related carbon footprint
  • OCR management and logistics teams located globally across timelines to help service and support offshore campaigns 24 hours a day in any time zone
  • Experience with scoping, technical oversight and interpretation of offshore wind site investigation (SI) and geotechnical/ geophysical engineering projects worldwide
  • Full compliance with clients’ technical and HSE requirements
  • A track record of ensuring the highest standards of data acquisition and processing
  • Clear and consistent communication with our OCRs, ensuring that ABL are constantly aware of upcoming logistics, SIMOPS, scheduling, port calls etc., which is fed back to the client immediately
  • ABL Group management team, in combination with the OCRs, prepare for upcoming logistical issues and solve them before they occur.

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