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Digital Services

ABL Group combines the latest expertise in digital analytics, software and machine learning with our long marine legacy to offer consulting and development services in digital software. Drawing on our market knowledge and experience, with digital know-how, we can design integrated digital solutions tailored to support clients in a range of technical scenarios across offshore renewables, oil & gas and maritime sectors.

Our digital services are specially engineered in close consultation with relevant marine and engineering specialists to ensure a fit-for-purpose solution and directly tackle new technical challenges facing clients and projects in today’s changing macro-environment.

ABL Group digital software design

ABL Group works with green-tech software engineering experts, Braendler Engineering, to develop bespoke digital platforms and solutions in response to a number of key technical challenges and changing risk profiles facing the marine industry. Our core aim is to support clients in integrating better cost and time efficiency, sustainability and safer business processes in project operations. Our digital solutions are focussed on the following areas:

  • Emission tracking – Poseidon Principles consulting with TRITΩN
  • Digital inspection and digital twinning
  • Vessel assurance
  • Digital consulting
  • Remote DP trials
  • Offshore operations
  • Drone Eye in the Sky platform for port pilots
  • Asset integrity

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    Dynamic positioning controls on vessel

    Emission Tracking: Digital platform TRITΩN

    At ABL Group we are passionate about consulting for a more sustainable shipping environment, and in view of this, we developed the digital platform – TRITΩN – a software solution supporting the industry integration of the Poseidon Principles – the industry framework for integrating climate consideration into lending decisions to promote international shipping’s decarbonisation.

    The platform facilitates the secure and simple collection and management of multiple confidential data sources from owners and financiers, to assess a multi-fleet investment portfolio’s ESG compliance in line with Poseidon Principles requirements.

    The platform is a collaboration with VesselsValue, a leading provider of maritime data and analysis to lenders, investors, owners, and regulators.