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Marine Casualty Management Services

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Marine Casualty Management Services

ABL Group is at the forefront of rapidly responding to marine casualties worldwide. We have worked on marine casualties of all scales, including some of the largest and most complex incidents in recent history. Our global network of offices enables us to provide a veritable 24/7 global emergency response service. Our network of casualty experts can mobilise quickly and be on site within the first critical hours of an incident. Our role is to provide support and advice for a variety of types of marine emergencies, from oil spills to wreck salvage operations. 

Global Marine Emergency Specialists 

Our global maritime teams provide valuable technical support to the attending casualty specialists, with a range of services to manage the loss, support in any salvage and removal operations, and to conduct marine casualty investigations to understand the cause of the accident. 

Services include: 

  • 24/7 emergency casualty, accident and or incident response via our network of more than 35 offices worldwide 
  • Feasibility assessment and advice on planned marine salvage/wreck removal operations and methodology
  • Monitoring, reporting, assessment and control of salvage/shipwreck removal costs and project progress
  • Advice and coordination of marine pollution prevention and control
  • Advice on bunker and cargo removal operations 
  • Rapid mobilisation or our strategically located Special Casualty Representative (SCR) when SCOPIC (Special Compensation P&I Club) is invoked
  • Assessment and monitoring of casualty strength and stability throughout salvage/wreck removal operations 
  • Verification of contractor’s calculations 
  • Coordination and/or management of response operations 

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