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Across all marine sectors, renewable and oil and gas development projects often require marine transportation of large-scale modular cargo amongst other project-critical and high-value equipment and assets. Loadout, transportation, offloading and discharge operations of warranted project cargo, come with their own set of risks. ABL Group has experience as MWS on all types of project cargo transportation projects – ranging from large-scale modular items of up to 1800 tonnes for the Tengizchevroil FGP-WPMP project to smaller modules, skids, project equipment on vessels used for more general maritime trade.

Experts in all vessel types

ABL Group combines long-term maritime legacy and expertise in marine assurance and risk across all vessel types, with market-leading experience in MWS for all types of oil & gas and offshore renewables projects. This unique combination gives our teams unparalleled knowledge of the different vessel types, associated operations, in parallel with our appreciation of the types of cargo we are dealing with.

Vessels include general cargo ships, heavy lift ships, flat top cargo barges, with loading and discharge operations generally undertaken using either shore-side cranes or the ship’s own derricks.

We have experience as well with the use of ro-ro vessels for project cargo operations, with the cargo being loaded and discharged using heavy haul trailers, transporters and SPMTs.

We are also familiar with in gauge and out of gauge project cargo land transportation operations, from fabrication to the loading port or from discharge port to site, including final placement at the site location.

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    Through-life project support

    As well as MWS, the wider ABL Group offers a broad range of specialised capabilities in engineering and consulting, and marine assurance and risk, to provide all-round third-party support to a cargo transportation by sea or ocean, from early planning of the operation, right through to successful, safe and optimum delivery of the operation.

    Services include:

    • Derivation of design environmental criteria of the transportation route using metocean or Safetrans analysis
    • Calculation of vessel motions from class society rules or warranty surveyor guidelines to full dynamic analysis
    • Loading, offloading, upending / placement engineering, analysis and procedures
    • Evaluation of quayside strength for loading or discharge operations
    • Ballast plans and loading conditions for loading and transport operations
    • Barge or vessel global / local structural strength checks
    • Design of cargo securing to IMO Code of Safe Working Practice, class rules or national steelwork standards
    • Vessel tank top,hatch cover and deck strength analysis under concentrated cargo and cribbing / dunnage loads
    • Load spreader, link span, grillage and seafastening design
    • Vessel suitability surveys, inspections and audits
    • Marine assurance and risk services
    • Marine warranty survey
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