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Energy & Marine Loss Prevention

Activities in loss prevention across the energy and maritime sectors concern the identification, assessment and mitigation of possible accidents, losses or failures during design, construction, transportation, installation, and subsequent operations and decommissioning phases of a project or marine operation. ABL Group are trusted providers of loss prevention services, advice and consulting on behalf of underwriters, their assureds, the assureds’ contractors or self-insured clients, with a long track record on some of the world’s most high-profile and complex offshore energy or maritime projects. World-leading providers of marine warranty survey, loss prevention remains at the core of our business today.

ABL Group’s global network of office-based professionals and on-the-group experts ensures we have the market-leading expertise in the field of loss prevention across all major offshore energy and maritime hubs. De-risking activities across energy and oceans is at the heart of everything that ABL Group does. Therefore, we have worldwide staff trained in loss prevention services, enabling us to rapidly manoeuvre to support any type of project or operation, anywhere in the world, no matter the complexity. Furthermore, our independence means we are able to provide a balanced, impartial and trusted approach.

Our expertise and track record in loss management through marine warranty survey (‘MWS’) and marine surveys, inspections and audits, means our clients can be assured they are receiving high quality, tried and tested services, which is attested to with extensive positive client feedback.

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