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MWS: Operations

Offshore Operations and Maintenance Marine Warranty Surveyors

The long-term ability of your assets to perform is key to their safe, reliable and profitable operations. Therefore, understanding how your marine assets are ageing gives you the knowledge and ability to better manage your offshore operations and maintenance (‘O&M’) activities to meet your operational and commercial goals. ABL Group combines market-leading marine warranty survey experience with a broad range of marine and engineering disciplines to provide expert support in de-risking and optimising your offshore O&M operations.

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    To ensure optimum performance and commercial viability of an asset, we understand the importance of carrying out offshore operations and maintenance activities in the safest and most cost-effective and time-efficient way possible. ABL Group works closely with clients in supporting the safe and efficient execution of high-risk O&M activities at different stages. We bring a comprehensive understanding of the risk profile, as well as the assets and supporting infrastructure at hand, to help better plan, design and execute O&M activities.

    We often work with clients on assets for which we have already acted as MWS during their offshore construction. We provide MWS support during operations and maintenance activities for both offshore renewables and oil & gas sectors.

    Typical O&M MWS scope of work

    Our typical MWS scope of work for offshore O&M activities falls into two stages: technical and operational.

    Technical Support:

    As part of the technical support, we provide advice and consulting services in connection with offshore site categorisation:

    • Interpretation of meteorological data
    • Site geophysical surveys
    • Geotechnical investigations
    • Site-specific assessments (lending on the geo-expertise of group companies East Point Geo and Longitude Engineering)

    We also provide advice and consulting in connection with the suitability of OSVs (offshore support vessels):

    • Vessel fitness for purpose and for any operating limits
    • Restrictions governing their operations on specified projects

    In addition to this, we also offer specialist capabilities in marine navigation and metocean engineering to provide probabilistic navigational risk assessment services to determine optimum navigation windows and weather parameters for executing O&M activities. This service offering adds value to offshore operations’ planning through early identification of navigational risk.

    Operational Support:

    We provide MWS service based on compliance with good offshore practices:

    • Review and approval of documents (plans, drawings, engineering reports and calculations, operations manuals, procedures and method statements )relating to transportation and offshore installation of asset components, such as WTG components
    • Inspection and approval of T&I vessel spread
    • Witness and approval of critical operations (loadout, transportation, positioning, offshore installation)

    Marine and engineering consulting for O&M

    We provide a range of technical services aside from MWS, to support at different stages of an asset’s operations and maintenance:

    • Asset life assessment
    • In-service structural design
    • Operational energy yield and loads analysis
    • Marine operations analysis
    • Digital inspection and modelling
    • Data management and analysis
    • Performance dashboarding
    • O&M strategy development

    Our range of services and innovative thinking enables clients not only to execute their marine operations with risk at a minimum but also to create the best fit-for-purpose O&M solutions for the long-term support of their asset(s).

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