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Asset and Integrity Management

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Asset and Integrity Management

Enhancing plant performance across the globe through engineering, software and consultancy solutions

ABL’s fellow Group company Add Energy is a preeminent provider of technical solutions in asset and integrity management for a wide range of sectors beyond energy and oceans.

They offer strategic asset management and performance optimisation solutions that enable plants and businesses operating across the globe to be safe, efficient and profitable.

By combining award-winning technology and subject matter expert consultants, we deliver best-practice, cost-effective and quality-assured solutions designed to unlock business efficiencies.

The value we bring

Add Energy’s expert services bring value to companies during the operational lifecycle of their projects or assets, as well as at decommissioning stages. Their approach can help determine the feasibility of life extension or an asset versus decommissioning.

Their portfolio of services brings benefits in terms of safety, reliability and maintenance, compliance, and significantly, time and cost efficiencies. Add Energy works in renewables, maritime and oil & gas sectors, as well as in other industries where process optimisation is key. The bespoke solutions have worked for the healthcare industry, manufacturing, and breweries, among other sectors beyond energy and oceans.

Our Services

  • Asset Management
  • Master Data Build and Optimisation
  • Maintenance Optimisation
  • Inventory, Procurement and Logistics Optimisation
  • Commissioning, Operations, and Maintenance Support
  • Safety Integrity and Risk Management
  • Decommissioning Consultancy and Engineering Solutions
  • The Add Energy Academy
  • ADDVisor
  • Software