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Marine Casualty Investigation

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Marine Casualty Investigation

ABL Group offers a fast and cost-efficient service for clients that need an accurate presentation of causes and mitigating factors in a large range of marine claims, accidents and damage incidents. With expertise in a variety of the market’s best digital analytical tools and modelling services, combined with our teams’ marine and engineering know-how to provide an accurate impartial assessment of the data presented, we offer detailed investigative services probing structural strength, stability, navigational safety, mooring analyses, amongst other areas, to support clients in legal claims and disputes. We work with different data sources, typically from CDR (Voyage Data Recorders), and AIS (Automatic Identification Systems), or ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) and VTS (Vessel Traffic Services).

MADAS (Marine Accident Data Analysis Suite)

ABL Group uses MADAS (Marine Accident Data Analysis Suite) – first created for the MAIB (Marine Accident Investigation Branch) and NSTB (National Transportation Safety Board) to meet their specific requirements for accident investigators, by fusing digital data from all available sources to provide a comprehensive and accurate image of what happened in a marine accident.

MADAS provides a unique range of features to assist in the replay and analysis of digital data of marine incidents and accidents. If required, we can extend this service to provide legal advice as to the cause of the accident based on the MADAS replay and other disclosure documentation.

This highly versatile technology allows our marine investigators to provide a realistic replay of events fully integrated with the vessel instrumentation, audio, radar images and video (where appropriate) for a more reliable understanding of the chain of causation.

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    Marine claims investigation expertise

    Fixed and floating object damage investigations:

    • Initial site investigation
    • Desktop studies
    • Expert advice on repair solutions and costs
    • Third-party monitoring of repair contracts
    • Advice on settlement of claims
    • Sourcing replacement cargo handling systems
    • Organising and management of repair contracts

    Cargo damage investigations:

    • Petroleum products
    • Chemicals and gases
    • Break-bulk and bagged cargoes
    • Edible oils
    • Ores, coals, grains, fertilizers and other bulk cargoes
    • Steel
    • Containers
    • Ro-Ro and reefer cargoes

    Marine pollution investigations:

    • Investigation of the cause, nature, extend and effect of marine pollution
    • Advice upon marine oil spill control methods to minimise pollution
    • Preparation of oil spill contingency operations
    • Review and approval of marine oil pollution claims
    • Execution of environmental impact studies
    • Feasibility studies relating to oil recovery

    Hull & machinery (H&M) damage investigations:

    • All types of marine diesel engine, steam/gas turbines, and auxiliary machinery
    • Bunker and oil contamination
    • New buildings
    • Repairs, including preparation of specifications, bid documents, management and supervision
    • Dry docking
    • Hull, tank and hold surveys
    • Steelwork and welding