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A trusted partner to the insurance industry, yacht brokers, management companies and owners worldwide, ABL Yachts offers clients the strength of a large multi-disciplinary superyacht survey team with a collective experience measured in hundreds of years, combined with the heritage and support of one of the marine industry’s most respected brands.

Marine Casualty Investigations for Superyachts

We are regularly called upon by the insurance industry to investigate and report on superyacht casualties for both Hull & Machinery underwriters and P&I Clubs.

With our depth of experience in undertaking damage surveys, we are able to quickly and efficiently assess the scale of damages, the steps required to undertake repairs and the likely cost of doing so.

We are able to assist owners, captains and crew in getting their damaged yachts back into service with the least possible interruption to busy schedules.

Pre-purchase and condition surveys for Superyachts

We undertake pre purchase surveys, advising potential buyers on the condition of the yacht that they wish to purchase. The size of our team means that we are able to quickly and efficiently survey and report on the very largest yachts. We have expertise in house to survey all types of yacht and yachts of all materials, including high performance sailing and motor yachts. Our relationships with specialist contractors enable us to quickly build a team of deep specialists to report in depth on key systems and facilities, including helidecks and submersibles. Our reports are written with the buyer in mind, providing readily accessible summaries of key issues, with fully costed analysis of any remedial works required.

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    Risk Assessments for Superyachts

    Our expertise in investigating superyacht casualties provides us with an unrivalled insight into the causes of accidents, risk prevention, risk mitigation and risk awareness. We use this insight, including extensive statistical analysis, to provide onboard and shoreside risk assessments.

    Salvage, towage and environmental response consultancy

    When disaster strikes, ABL can provide specialist salvage, towage and environmental response consultancy from our in house team. Our team is available on a 24/7 basis, Worldwide.

    New build and refit

    Our team’s experience in managing complex new builds and refits on the World’s largest and most complex yachts can support our clients in planning and executing a new build or major refit. Through involvement in concept development, project definition, drafting of technical specifications, shipyard and contractor due diligence, on site supervision, milestone surveys, commissioning and acceptance trials, we can be your trusted and independent partner, every step of the way.

    Refit and new build progress surveys

    Progress (or Milestone) surveys form a key part of the structure intended to track progress of a new build or major refit and are often used as the basis for release of stage payments to the shipyard. Involving an experienced independent surveyor is an effective way of ensuring that a project remains on track and that issues that may come to light are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Our surveyors’ experience in managing such projects enables us to understand where problems tend to arise and how best to navigate them. Where necessary, we can mediate between the Owner and the shipyard on contentious issues.

    Sea trial supervision

    Properly planned and executed sea trials are an essential part of ensuring that a new or refitted yacht is delivered to her Owner as specified in all respects. Our team of superyacht surveyors, with their extensive experience as serving deck and engineering officers, are ideally placed to undertake this essential task. Working closely with the build captain, managers, lawyers and shipyard, we will work with the team to plan and execute harbour acceptance trials and sea trials.  As with pre-purchase surveys, the size of our team means that we are able to quickly and efficiently undertake sea trials on the very largest yachts.

    Owner’s Representation

    Representing the Owner’s interests during a new build or refit, technical negotiations or in any situation in which the Owner requires the benefit of knowledgeable independent technical support and advice is all part of our services to superyacht clients. However large or complex the project, we have the experience and skills needed to add value to the Owner.