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Effio™ is a cloud-based master data build and optimisation software capable of saving up to 50% on time and cost efficiencies compared to traditional methods.

Our software makes it easy to build an asset management strategy for a new plant, or, upgrade and optimise your data during operations, for mergers and acquisitions, or when a plant has been upgraded or modified.

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How you can utilise Effio™ to revolutionise asset performance management:

Efficiently digitalise key equipment data

Utilise electronic tag extraction functionalities to build or update your asset register directly from your engineering drawings.

Build and maintain an accurate asset register

Ensure key equipment data points you need to manage your asset management strategy are available and built into a logical functional location hierarchy to manage big data effectively.

Continuously align your investment with your risk profile

Utilise the built-in criticality assessment matrix to automate criticality assignment to determine optimal maintenance, integrity, and sparing strategies backed up by an auditable decision log.

Deploy best-in-class maintenance strategies

Utilise the in-built maintenance strategy library or load your own maintenance strategies to ensure maintenance is applied consistently to ensure you have access to best-practice maintenance procedures at your fingertips.

Ensure you have the right spares available for maintenance

Build and update inventory data to ensure your equipment and maintenance tasks are associated with the correct parts with the correct information to avoid delays in maintenance, cut costs and avoid downtime.

Deploy a fully optimised maintenance schedule

Implement a highly efficient maintenance management regime to ensure work order generation is aligned with your work execution capacity to maximise efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Continuously improve your asset performance

Optimise performance through built-in analysis and benchmarking capability to determine opportunities to enhance your strategy and cascade changes to your strategy consistently across your organisation.

Load data and strategies to your CMMS or EAM

Effio™ is compatible with any CMMS or EAM and will generate zero-error upload files containing new, updated, or improved asset management strategies and data, inclusive of their data interdependencies, with ease.


Shell targets asset management efficiencies across new projects using Effio

Shell has contracted ABL’s specialist master data build and optimisation software – Effio, to support a number of its large-scale newbuild projects, so far delivering time savings by 50%.

“We recently used Effio™ to build and deploy a maintenance management regime for a new build FPSO.

When compared with previous traditional spreadsheet-based methods, Effio™ ensured the build process was more transparent, time-efficient, and controlled through the built-in automation for criticality assignment, maintenance allocation, and load file generation, and the ability to have all data stored and connected in one location enabled the approval process with the technical authorities to be more seamless and informed.

Effio™ has a lot of helpful features, but one that makes it stand out is the degree of customisation that the user can impose in terms of visualising the data. This allowed us to save custom views, which made reviewing the data more intuitive and QA activities more efficient.”

Maintenance Build Lead for an FPSO Operator, Europe

Challenges associated with traditional asset management strategy deployment techniques:

Risky, labour-intensive and time-consuming

Without access to software like Effio™, building your asset management data and strategies in traditional siloed Excel spreadsheets or directly in a live system is an extremely risky, labour-intensive and inefficient way of working

A lack of control over management of change

Traditional methods for building and updating master data and strategies tend to have limited functionality over control of changes and audit logs, causing critical decisions to be made without the appropriate control barriers in place to ensure these decisions are in the best interests of the plant performance management

Unconnected data points required to make informed decisions

Without clarity on data interdependencies and links, it is impossible to make quality economically advantageous and safety-driven decisions with confidence and this is proven to lead to inefficiencies, excess costs, and rework later on

Disjointed ways of working

It is common for data, processes, strategies, and work execution tactics to differ dramatically within a business. Without a centralised approach to asset management, companies experience reduced performance, poor reliability, and more unproductive time

Siloed libraries and systems

Critical strategies, data and documentation can often be hidden across spreadsheets, in filing cabinets and on desktops causing loss of critical information, lack of accessibility, wasted time and a lack of assurance that the plant is being maintained to the required standard

Data inconsistencies and lack of standardisation

Without proper QA/QC procedures in place aligned to your corporate data standard, it can be difficult to assure compliance with this, causing issues later on when it comes to ordering spare parts, analysing equipment data, assigning maintenance tasks, etc

Visit our library of video tutorials to hear ABL’s Head of Technical, Stuart Murray, explain how Effio™ can elevate your plant performance management

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

The core functionalities of Effio™ include:

  • Electronic tag extraction from engineering drawings
  • Functional location hierarchy development and visualisation
  • Auditable criticality assignment
  • In-built maintenance strategy library and task list allocation
  • Equipment spare part (BoM and maintenance BoM) linking and assignment
  • Work order schedule optimisation
  • Benchmarking and analytics
  • Generation of zero error upload files

Effio™ is compatible with any CMMS, ERP or EAM, by replicating the live environment and generating bespoke load sheets for easy and successful implementation, including but not limited to the following CMMS, ERP and EAMs:

  • SAP
  • Maximo
  • IFS
  • AMOS
  • EngicaQ4

Effio™ can be utilised in a variety of applications depending on the needs of its user, the goals of the initiative and maturity of the plant. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Analysis and benchmarking of data and strategies
  • Cleansing and enrichment of asset management data
  • Development of an asset management regime for a new plant
  • Maintenance optimisation
  • Inventory optimisation
  • Integrity management optimisation
  • Data migration and transfer following acquisition or merger
  • Updates following plant upgrade or modification
  • Late life and decommissioning data and strategy updates
  • As a technical strategy and standards library

Licence the software

Purchase an annual licence for Effio™ and provide your team with unique logins to build, update and manage master data effectively.

ABL led

Offload the burden of building, updating, and managing master data to our team of asset management specialists and approve data and strategies at key stage gates of the project prior to implementation in the live system.

Change Management Service

Remove the burden of managing change from operational teams for a monthly fixed fee. Allow operational personnel to concentrate on running operations and making impact-driven decisions about the changes by licensing Effio™ and an additional MoC service that collects change requests, understands the change impact, facilitates an authoriser workshop and delivers change in an updated load template on your behalf.

Effio™ is used by

  • Oil and gas operators
  • Power generation plants
  • Mining facilities
  • Renewable energy facilities
  • Chemicals, ethanol, and sulphur producers
  • FPSO operators
  • Utility companies
  • Drilling contractors

ABL is both an IBM Silver Business Partner and an official member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem.

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Development of a maintenance management regime (CMMS build)

To deliver a digital twin of the maintainable physical equipment and their functional locations within the CMMS, determine how critical the equipment is and the impact it can have to the safety, environmental, business and production of the asset if it failed to function, and assign optimised levels of maintenance.

Maintenance Review and Improvement Strategy

A case study with the overall goal to review the clients existing CMMS (SAP) data and recommend improvement opportunities designed to optimize the client’s maintenance management regime through enrichment of the master data, better utilization of SAP functionality and optimization of maintenance and materials allocation.

Master data verification and enrichment

A case study with the overall project goal to verify the client’s current asset register, update and collect name plate data and assure drawings matched the current onsite layout.

Development of an asset management and maintenance program

A case study with the project goal to develop an efficient asset management and maintenance program designed to assure safety and reliability of the assets.

The 2023 Global Maintenance Manager Report

Produced by our Asset & Integrity Management specialists, this report features survey responses from hundreds of maintenance professionals from around the world as well as analysis and tips from industry experts.