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Global maintenance training and development for a multinational organisation

Project Objective: To enhance personnel’s knowledge of maintenance practice and standardise the client’s organisational processes and procedures

Client: Multinational energy company

Duration: 5 days face to face training per region over the course of 2 years

Location: Global

Project overview

ABL Training was contracted to provide the client’s global teams with maintenance training on their behalf.

This training was then delivered on multiple occasions over a 2 year period across different regions of the organisation such as North America, Europe, the Middle East, and ASPAC.

This course was delivered to personnel of varying authority, including:

  • Maintenance supervisors
  • Supply chain specialists
  • Inspection engineers
  • Commercial/contracts manager

Why were we contracted?

  • Common processes and procedures were not being utilised throughout the client’s maintenance teams, creating confusion which could have led to errors occurring on the plant
  • Varying levels of training and expertise in maintenance processes throughout the company meant the client felt that training was essential to ensure all employees were operating at the same level of proficiency

What we did

  1. Carried out client research prior to course delivery:
    This training course came in a pre-designed state ready for delivery. Our experts conducted research into the client’s processes and procedures prior to the course kick-off to immerse themselves in the organisation enabling them to effectively deliver the training and accurately answer questions in line with the company culture.
  2. Issued a primer assignment 4 weeks in advance of training:
    The students were tasked with interviewing maintenance specialists within their own company about plant breakdowns – a great way to kick start training so that students begin the course motivated, engaged, and having already started the learning process.
  3. 5 days of face to face training on-site with the client:
    Our instructors presented training theory followed by practical exercises for up to 25 students on site. The students then presented their findings from the primer assignment to their peers. The combination of practical exercises and presentations made the students feel more engaged allowing them to retain information by getting physically involved.
  4. Verification:
    The students were provided with learning verification from the client’s learning and development system. This is beneficial for the client as they now have evidence of their teams’ capabilities but it is also crucial for the individuals’ personal and career development.

Benefits provided by the training

Enhanced global capability

By enhancing the students’ understanding of the maintenance processes and procedures across the client’s global maintenance team, the personnel could then perform duties more efficiently and to a higher standard

Reduced risk

With clearly established processes and procedures, the maintenance teams can now operate in a much safer environment, mitigating risk to both plant and people