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Maintenance scheduling support

Client: Natural gas distribution company

Asset: Natural gas pipelines

Project Objective: To supply a team of experienced personnel across 5 regions in North America to support the client with maintenance scheduling

Location: North America

Why we were contracted

During this period of significant change, the client recognised gaps in the quantity and quality of its existing personnel to support the planning and scheduling of maintenance.

ABL was contracted to supply experienced maintenance schedulers with the ability to quickly integrate into the client’s organisation, allowing the client to meet the go-live date of the CMMS and work management processes.

What we did

Defined Required Competencies and Skillsets

  • Consulted with the client to define the desired skillsets and competencies of personnel to ensure the right team members with the right qualities were selected.

Resource Identification and Onboarding

  • Chose qualified resources based on technical and academic competencies and experience as well as soft skills including communication, collaboration, and flexibility.
  • Relocated qualified resources to the client’s operational areas to allow the personnel to be integrated within the client’s organisation.
  • Assisted the client with onboarding of personnel, which included ensuring each individual met the client’s HSE requirements and were equipped with the necessary software, hardware, and materials to be effective from day one.

Personnel Competency and Performance Assurance

  • Allocated a Project Manager as a focal point for the client and to oversee the day-to-day performance of the team.
  • Cultivated a collaborative environment across the regions through weekly meetings with the ABL team members to share learnings and provide a forum to maintain team synergies.
  • Conducted regular meetings with both the client and the individual team members to ensure performance expectations were understood and being met.

The value we delivered

Helped alleviate the pain points of hiring and training new personnel, which saved the client a considerable amount of time and resources

Provided the client with the ability to meet the go-live date of their CMMS and new work management processes by plugging critical skills and manpower gaps

Weekly team alignment and communication across sites contributed to personal development for the schedulers, therefore, increasing capabilities across all sites

Operations and maintenance support

At ABL we supply highly experienced specialists on call to help plant owners and operators achieve their operations and maintenance goals.

We offer flexibility and minimise financial risk by supplying highly experienced and skilled professionals on an ad-hoc basis or through fixed-term support agreements.