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Hanbo Li

Hanbo Li

Senior Project Engineer


Naval Architect, Structural Engineer


Project Management; Cost Engineering; Naval Architecture




Hanbo is a Senior Project Engineer based in Singapore. He has been involved in various fast-track projects across multiple sectors. He has worked as a consultant supporting various teams with the scopes of technical due diligence services for developers, investors, and financiers, particularly in the offshore wind sector. He has substantial experience in supporting multiple projects with the scopes of cost estimation, LCoE assessments etc. 

As an engineer with an academic background in naval architecture, he has also performed naval architectural analyses for marine operations. He develops procedures/plans and performs estimates of costing and scheduling to aid operation execution. 

Before joining the ABL Group, he had several years of experience in the oil & gas and maritime industry as a design engineer with the scope of detailed engineering structural design for rigs/floaters and yard production support. He had also been responsible for project engineering management and coordination for offshore wind projects in China.