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Erik Smid

Principal Marine Engineer Surveyor


Marine Warranty Surveyor, OVID Inspector


Vessel Assurance, Vessel New Build, DP assurance surveys, Hull & Machinery Surveys, Marine Warranty Services, OVID Inspections, Suitability Inspections, Condition Surveys, Pre-Purchase Surveys




Erik is a foreign-going Chief Engineer with 20 years of seagoing experience on general cargo, tankers, cruise liners, dredgers, offshore vessels, and onshore experience as a Class surveyor (Bureau Veritas), commissioning engineer and technical superintendent. 

Extensive knowledge of DP system, commissioning new build of a DP Class 3 pipelay construction barge and DP Class 3 semi-sub 6th generation MODU, sailed as Chief Engineer on several DP Class 2 AHTS/PSV’s. Carried out surveys on various types of vessels for P&I Clubs, owners, Oil majors and offshore interests. Undertaken numerous shipyard surveys (JH143). 

As Marine Warranty Surveyor for loadouts, sailaway and approving module installations offshore. Conducted numerous Condition & Suitability surveys, pre-purchase surveys, DP assurance and CMID/OVID inspections on several offshore DP Class construction/diving support / AHTS vessels / offshore rigs as well dredging vessels. Sea trials and FMEA proving trials.