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About AqualisBraemar LOC ASA

AqualisBraemar LOC ASA (OSE: Aqua) offers independent energy and marine consultancy to the global renewables, maritime and oil and gas sectors. The group has offices in 38 countries worldwide. AqualisBraemar LOC ASA operates under seven brands: AqualisBraemar LOC, OWC, Innosea, Longitude, JLA, East Point Geo and ABL Yachts.


Marine Power Systems appoint wind turbine specialist

Marine Power Systems (MPS) is revolutionising the way we harvest energy from the world’s oceans with the ambition of becoming the world leader in the manufacturing and supply of marine energy extraction hardware by having the highest performance and most cost-effective technology available in the market. Following successful medium scale testing of their fully patent protected marine energy generation technology MPS are now working at full scale to prove their grid connected technology ahead of commercialisation.

The contract

Marine Power Systems have appointed LOC to deliver a work package to support the detailed design of their modular platform and the integration of wind turbine technology. LOC is part of the AqualisBraemar LOC Group – a leading independent global marine and engineering consultancy. Marine Power Systems will be working with LOC to further develop the design and de-risk the technology.

“LOC blends expertise in offshore wind development and wave energy to support the client in finding the right solution for their project. This project is highly significant in that it has opened up the commercial viability of wave energy through harnessing different technologies and design concepts in the marine renewable market. We are really pleased to have the opportunity to support Marine Power Systems in finding the right wind turbine technology for their modular platform, and to help MPS bring this technology to market”.

Tim Camp, Renewables Project Director, LOC 

“LOC Group are a highly experienced team with a solid reputation within the offshore energy sector. By leveraging LOC’s first-rate experience in wind turbine technology and design, MPS are making further progress towards development of our best-in-class renewable energy platform”.

Graham Foster, chief technology officer at MPS

The technology

Marine Power Systems have developed a revolutionary and flexible technology solution that can be configured to harness wind power, wave power or combined wind and wave power at grid scale. The solution is unique and represents the only modular wave, floating wind and combined solution that can be used in deep water.

Between WaveSub, WindSub and DualSub Marine Power Systems support optimised energy capture for any particular site through the combination of wave and wind energy generation technology.

All the devices can be assembled and towed from port and they retain common deployment, anchoring and operation & maintenance solutions. This reduces the costs of ownership and maximises the energy generation cost effectiveness. A designed-in survivability strategy combined with a proven mooring system that provides excellent stability in adverse weather conditions.

The first commercially available wave only devices will have a rated power of 4.5MW, increasing to 10MW of wave power as the technology is developed. The wind and combined wind and wave devices will support the largest and most powerful wind turbines available today and in the future. Starting at 10MW but increasing to over 15MW.

A strong platform

Marine Power Systems bring an incredibly talented team of over 20 staff that are not only experienced in the design, manufacture and build of their hardware but also the deployment and maintenance of the technology at sea as well as the regulatory and consenting requirements associated with delivering real world projects. That team also includes some of the best suppliers, sub-contractors and independent experts in the business; increasing the knowledge and experience available to support the business.

Marine Power Systems have recently been awarded £12.8m of support from the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government. They completed a round of crowdfunding and private investment in the summer of 2020, exceeding the original target, to support and match that non-diluted government grant funding.

That investment success is based on significant third-party due diligence and is testament to the belief that Marine Power Systems’ technology will be a market leader in the manufacturing and supply of marine energy extraction hardware.

The future of energy is marine renewables. The future of marine renewables is Marine Power Systems

The scheme has been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government.