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LOC launches Probabilistic Navigational Risk Assessments

LOC Group, the premier international marine and engineering consulting firm, is pleased to announce it has expanded its Navigational Risk Assessment Offering, with the addition of Probabilistic Navigational Risk Assessments (“PNRA”), for the offshore renewables, shipping, oil & gas and fisheries industries.

The PNRA offer provides a probability risk assessment of vessel collisions occurring because of changed navigational corridors due to offshore structures built as well as the subsequent impact on other vessel traffic. The service is designed to assist the planning of offshore navigation, incorporating potential contingencies, such as Offshore Wind Farm developments, platform alterations and other infrastructures, including seawater intake, outfall infrastructures, jetties and submerged cables. The offer could also add value to infrastructure planning for offshore construction, maintenance and decommissioning operations, where it poses a potential navigational risk.

The LOC PNRA offer is based on a unique combination of Automatic Identification System (“AIS”) data and LOC’s long-term experience and expertise in maritime operations. Combining the two ensures the data is fully and accurately managed and assessed in relation to the practical parameters involved in all marine operations.

LOC launched the new PNRA service via its presence in Germany, based on collaboration between the Hamburg and London offices, combining local knowledge with the Group’s wider navigational expertise. The service has been adopted and delivered to offshore wind projects in the German Exclusive Economic Zone, assessing the change in the navigational risk profile introduced by planned offshore windfarm developments.

Christoph Ruck, General Manager, LOC Germany, said:

“The launch of this new service is an exciting new development in LOC’s offer to clients. When combining the AIS-based service, with LOC’s established practical expertise in shipping, oil & gas and offshore wind projects, it presents many new and interesting opportunities. This includes the ability to engage with offshore wind projects at a much earlier stage in their development and provide clients with more complete support in realising their goals”.

Johan Gahnstrom, Shipping Operations Director for LOC Group, said:

“The addition of a Probabilistic Navigational Risk Assessments service is a very exciting development. This new service is highly applicable to supporting port and marine operations across both maritime and offshore energy markets. The work we have been doing in Germany proves this can be successfully and seamlessly deployed across the wider group to support clients worldwide, across all sectors, with in governments, ports, windfarm developments and oil & gas, to name a few.”