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Add Energy’s Asset & Integrity Management division becomes an ABL service line

Add Energy’s specialist Asset & Integrity Management division (AIM) and Software team is transitioning to sit under ABL – the energy and marine consultants – enhancing the overall offering to support the operational lifecycle of projects and assets across energy and maritime markets, as well as other industries.


This synergy brings together the most complete suite of consultancy and digital services and a deeper pool of expertise, to take projects from construction, through to operations, life extension and decommissioning.

Add Energy’s AIM division provides asset management and operational performance optimization solutions such as management consulting, maintenance strategy optimization, inventory and materials management, asset data optimization, process safety and risk management, training courses and competency assurance, and software solutions.

“The transition from Add Energy to ABL AIM is aimed at creating a seamless experience for our clients. The initial acquisition of Add Energy in 2022 was driven by ABL Group’s value commitment to technical and service excellence. AIM has unlocked the missing puzzle piece by adding operational capabilities to ABL’s transport and installation services, providing end-to-end solutions that allow our clients across energy and oceans to receive unparalleled support throughout the entire lifecycle of their projects.” Says Ben Lazenby, CEO of ABL.

Add Energy also brings fully developed software solutions, in particular EffioTM which is used by energy majors for build and ETL and the award winning multi industry AssetVoiceTM, that can be applied to several parts of ABL Group, including its businesses working in the renewables industries.

“The key strength of the Asset Integrity Management service line is its industry-agnostic nature, making it a versatile set of solutions that can seamlessly fit into any industry. This integration will empower ABL to extend its reach geographically, across new sectors and within sectors that ABL already dominates in, such as renewables, energy transition, and maritime. We are excited about the possibilities this integration presents, and we look forward to delivering even greater value, innovation, and leading solutions to many industries.” adds Peter Adam, ABL Group’s managing director of Asset and Integrity Management.

The integration of Add Energy’s Asset Integrity management division into ABL’s service portfolio marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter that provides ABL with a platform to offer an expanded range of services, leverage a team of talented consultants, and strengthen its position as industry leaders.

The 17th of July marks the beginning of a transition period in which the Add Energy brand name in the asset integrity and OPEX fields, will become ABL. As Add Energy embarks on this exciting transition, it is important to emphasize that this change pertains to the brand and not the trading company itself. All existing contracts and commitments will remain intact, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery and unwavering commitment to clients.

Add Energy’s drilling and wells division has transitioned to another ABL Group company, the multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy and software providers, AGR. By combining their expertise, knowledge and resources in well management and engineering, CCUS, energy transition solutions and software, a cohesive partnership has been created that positions AGR at the forefront of the energy industry.

ABL is wholly owned by Oslo-listed ABL Group ASA – a leading independent global energy and marine consultancy, working in energy and oceans to de-risk and drive the energy transition.