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HAVFARM 1 (“JOSTEIN ALBERT”): Single Voyage Transport & Tow Approval – 2020

Project Summary

HAVFARM 1 (named “Jostein Albert”) is the world’s largest stationary Ocean Farm, constructed in Shandong Province, China, by CIMC Raffles, as a large-scale moored fish farm platform, to be installed offshore northern Norway.

The vessel’s loading weight is 37500MT, with L 385m x D 56.57m x B 59.5m, with a capacity for 10,000 tons of salmon. Following construction in China, it was transported by the world’s largest Heavy Transportation Vessel “BOKA VANGUARD” from Yantai in East China, to Hadsel in Northern Norway. The cargo ship has a load capacity up to 110,000 tons, but was 110m shorter than the “HAVFARM 1”. LOC was appointed to support the marine transportation operations.

LOC’s Scope of Work

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