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ABL Rig Inspectors roll out digital real time reporting solution

ABL’s rig inspection team has taken its global service offering digital with the expanded use of the FTQ360 Reporting System – a cloud-based real-time reporting tool, co-developed by Repsol, ABL and 3rd-party software company FTQ360 (First Time Quality), to provide a fit-for-purpose solution improving time and cost-efficiency in surveying rigs of all types onshore and offshore.

What does the FTQ360 do?

It provides a central, uniform and efficient mechanism for reporting checklist-based inspections by synchronizing inspection data across multiple shareholders and devices.

With its straightforward interface, FTQ360 enables multiple inspection team members to work on the same inspection simultaneously, as well as allowing clients, management and other stakeholders, to monitor and contribute to the progress and findings of the inspection in near real time.

Initially developed by Repsol to support their QA/QC inspections including rig inspection campaigns, the tool has since been adapted with the flexibility to be configured to match precise reporting styles of any client and company. The uniformity of the interface has considerable benefits for improving standardisation across checklists, reports, non-conformity lists. There is also the option to create inspection flow plans and dynamic checkpoints, enhancing the tool’s flexibility in meeting the specific needs of an inspection campaign.

It’s benefits:

  • Reduced need for written input – simpler for those for whom Eng. is a 2nd language, improving data accuracy
  • Ability to easily collate in one place photographs, document evidence, data etc.
  • Simple to incorporate checklists
  • Eliminates double-handling of data
  • Reduces overall reporting time
  • Clarity for all interested parties on non-conformities and overall progress in real-time
  • Frees up time for the inspection
  • Improves efficiency
Dashboard example.

So far the system has been utilised across a range of inspection campaigns from large-scale drillship acceptance programmes with multiple team members, to single inspector programmes for small projects such as truck mounted work over rig inspections.

“Drilling and completing wells in a safe and efficient manner is a core value of all our operations globally. To achieve these core values, we must ensure that all equipment used in our operations is of the highest quality

“Over the past 10 years, we have worked tirelessly creating and establishing a world-class QA/QC program designed to reduce premature equipment failures and associated non-productive time (NPT). The digitization of QA/QC activities was a natural progression on our journey to 0% NPT. With the use of these digital tools, we are now able to monitor and control our projects in real-time globally. Digitization has also helped our quality systems to be more process-driven and less dependent on individual knowledge, which is driving consistency and excellence into our daily activities and workflows.”

Jorge Barron, Repsol’s Director of Drilling and Completions

“ABL’s development of FTQ360 was conducted through a series of workshops with a number of our regular Oil Major clients throughout 2021, to understand which deliverables they would like to see from a rig inspection tool. There was a very common theme from those discussions in that the goal in all inspection progammes is consistency in our inspection standards, transparency on the inspection progress and increased efficiency in delivery of our services. Together these ultimately result in a higher standard of inspection delivered in a more cost-effective manner. FTQ360 supports our teams on meeting all of these expectations.”

Steven Lee, Director Offshore Technical Services and Global Rig Inspection Services

Find out more about the ABL FTQ360 system and how it could support the optimisation of your rig inspection programmes, but getting in touch with our Rig Inspection Team.

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