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ABL Group releases downloadable whitepaper on Cable Protection Systems Failures

Following a successful visit to Renewable UK’s Cables 2022 on 18-20 October, ABL Group (including OWC, Longitude, INNOSEA and East Point Geo) have published a whitepaper on Cable Protection Systems and Submarine Cable Failures.

According to 4Coffshore, around 4,600 subsea cables have now been laid and are serving offshore wind farms globally. Of the 4,600 around 10 incidents are declared annually, resulting in an average cable downtime of 100 days. In the past 7 years 90 subsea cable failures occurred totalling over EUR 350 million in insurance claims.

The challenges for the submarine cable connections are primarily driven by the environmental loads which cables are expected to withstand and the increasingly larger offshore installations, often featuring hundreds of connections, increasing the overall probability of failure. The failure mechanisms are mostly well documented experimentally and the physics behind is well understood, however not always applied correctly. Numerical modelling developed on these principles allow to determine the risks for these failures to occur, supporting the evaluation and comparison of several remedial actions to reduce risks.

In this paper, our expert cable consultants Riccardo Felici and Daniele Caruso, introduce the global failure mechanism associated with cable protection systems (CPS), outlining the methodologies that can be employed to assess and prevent submarine cable failures with specific emphasis across the transition section from the seabed to the offshore WTG foundation structure where most of the documented failures occur.

“ABL Group is involved in all stages of the submarine cable life cycle for a myriad of wind farm projects across the globe, and as such we recognise the importance of reviewing and assessing CPS systems to ensure the mitigation of risks and prevention of future cable failures. We are proud to present this study to continue a necessary conversation and ultimately progress towards a solution for these failure mechanisms, across the industry.”

Riccardo Felici, Senior Cable Consultant/Country Manager, Vietnam – OWC

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