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Meet the team: Tom Wilson | ABL Singapore

The team at ABL Group shares the passion, vision and values for working in energy and the world’s oceans, de-risking and driving the energy transition. We are driven by the idea that the best work is born from professionalism, diligence… and fun. You know ABL Group, but do you know our team?

Tom Wilson, Marine Consultant | ABL Singapore

What do you do at ABL?

I’m currently employed as a Marine Consultant; I add my experience and knowledge to the already expert marine team in Singapore. In general, I pick up some of the more challenging casualty investigations including where there may be multiple causes or consequential cause, or cause unknow. I QA and copy-check reports – particularly those from 3rd Party surveyors and do some of mentoring where necessary. My main focus of work comes from Expert Witness and litigation support work – ranging from fuel oil quality disputes to salvage or wreck removal issues, and covers all areas of the marine and offshore sectors.

What inspired you to go into the field you are in?  

I enjoy taking things a part to see how they work – I thought being an engineer would help me put them back together. I also grew up less than a mile from the local shipyard and taking up an apprenticeship as a mechanical fitter seemed like a great idea to a 16-year-old. At the age of 20 I went to sea, initially as as a junior engineer and later a chief engineer. Knowing how things worked and knowing how to fix them gave me the tools to become a marine casualty investigator.

What brought you back to ABL following your history with The Salvage Association?

I was with The Salvage Association for 20 years before leaving in 2012 after discovering that i had a deeper interests in other avenues. Since then, the areas of the business that I have worked in have all been hands-on and introduced a new perspective to the business. All the while however, I maintained a watchful eye on what was happening with The Salvage Association / ABL and knew that, really, that’s where I belonged. ABL’s offer to come back as a mentor, was like a breath of fresh air. My long term plan is to put the marine team at ABL firmly back at the top of the market where they belong.

What is the most exciting aspect of the energy transition for you?

The world and shipping is slowly attempting to move away from carbon based energy. The world’s power demands are far from that goal, but I believe the process is now unstoppable. The advances in the technology to achieve carbon free power are incredible and I think the answer lies in a combination of wind, solar, tide and green hydrogen. I believe we will make the necessary technological steps to move wind & solar entirely offshore, and the necessary technological & infrastructure advances to safely produce and store green hydrogen.

What do you enjoy in your spare time?

I am an instructor level skier; my favourite locations are the back bowls at Niseko (Japan), Jasper (Canada) and of course Vale (Colorado). I try to make one of these locations every winter.