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Wayne Alves da Silva Neves 

Wayne Alves da Silva Neves 

Managing Director - Maritime MENA & India


Marine Surveyor, Marine Warranty Surveyor




Wayne holds a South African Master Mariner (STCW II/2) Foreign Going Unlimited Certificate with sixteen years of seagoing experience on a variety of vessels, including Crude Oil tankers, General Cargo ships and multi-Purpose vessels (Teu/Pax/Livestock/General). Further experience includes fourteen years as a marine surveyor with the following survey experience: Damage Surveys and Casualty Investigation, Marine Warranty Surveys (including Towage approvals, JH 2013/007 A, B & C surveys, Project Loadouts and Float-On/Off surveys, Mooring & Firefighting Approvals, Voyage Approvals, Heavy Lifts and Shipyard Audits), Loss Prevention Surveys on behalf of H&M Underwriters and P&I Clubs. Wayne is part of the ABL Yachts team of surveyors with specific expertise in yacht and superyacht surveys.

As Chief Surveyor over a period of 6 years, Wayne was responsible, inter alia, for the daily running of the UAE Maritime team, managing all surveyors and consultants in the region and their respective cases and ensuring high quality and timely reporting to our principals.

As Managing Director of the Maritime Business line for the Middle East, North Africa (MENA) and India regions, Wayne is responsible for the day-to-day Maritime survey operations, managing the surveyors and their output to the market with the support of the Chief Surveyor, ensures compliance with the company SOPs and our quality standards, resolves disputes and complaints, business development and debt collection.