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Wang Cheng

Master Mariner


Master Mariner


Maritime Navigation




Wang Cheng started from being recruited into China Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. in 1998 through an entry examination. After six months of extensive training, he was assigned to the derrick barge “Bin Hai 108”. In late 1999, he was reassigned to a semi-submersible barge “Bin Hai 308” to familiarise himself with work on deck. It was here that he undertook several other roles and assisted the barge Captain. In 2001 he was promoted to Vice-Captain and subsequently by the end of 2001, Captain of the semi-submersible barge “Bin Hai 308”. He undertook numerous load-outs, towage and installation work for numerous projects besides those mentioned below. In 2004, he was reassigned to COOEC’s new launch barge “CNOOC 221” as Captain.

Throughout his service, he has received many awards and prizes for being the top outstanding young talent in the company. He turned into a Marine consultant with LOC Tianjin since Feb 2006, and a senior consultant since Jan 2009. He has attended a number of high-profile offshore oil engineering operations and has extensive marine warranty survey experience particularly with loadout, transportation and installation of the platform consisting of a jacket and topside structure, FPSO, associated piles, pipeline and cable. Also, he has attended as a marine representative to witness the towing and positioning of Self Elevating Accommodation Unit.