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Tilo Klappenbach



Naval Architect


Project Management, Marine Transportation & Offshore Installation, Logistics Planning and Execution, Heavy Lift, Dynamic Motion Analysis Offshore & Voyage, Workability and Weather Downtime Assessments




Tilo is a Naval Architect and country manager for ABL Germany. His working experience focuses on engineering, planning and execution of marine transportation and offshore installation operations.

Over the past 12 years he has gained very good technical, operational and project management knowledge as Lead Project Engineer at load-outs (renewables, oil & gas, port infrastructure), vessel mobilizations, transportations and offshore installation jobs. He was involved from the early feasibility, budgeting and negotiations stage until the successful completion of the project, managing schedule, budget and sub-contractors.

Tilo has in-depth specialist knowledge, very good overview and analytical skills and quick comprehension. He is widely recognized and valued for his professional competence, his trustworthiness and his straightforward personality. His friendly and convincing appearance as well as his ability to explain and take care complex issues clearly lead to a very successful cooperation with our customers and project partners at all times.

Prior to joining ABL Germany, he has worked for SAL Engineering GmbH, providing engineering, project management and site attendance for various clients in the Renewables, Oil and Gas and Salvage industry. In addition to his daily tasks, he was also the Team Lead for hydrodynamics engineering.