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Sritama Sarkar

Sritama Sarkar

Pipeline Engineering Consultant


Marine Warranty Surveyor, Subsea, Cable & Pipeline Engineer


Pipelines, Cables, Umbilicals, Subsea, Trenching




Dr Ir. Sritama Sarkar is a Chartered Engineer (MRINA) with over 18 years’ experience in subsea and offshore engineering. In her current role, she provides marine warranty services for the offshore oil and gas, offshore windfarm and marine industry as well as consultancy on legal/ insurance cases.

As MWS, Sritama has worked in the capacity of either lead engineer for major oil and gas projects or as project manager for the transportation of gas plant modules.

Sritama is responsible for technical reviews of method statements, procedures, design, testing and installation analyses/ calculations for offshore rigid/ flexible/ HDPE pipelines, subsea structures, umbilical and cables. She has extensive knowledge for trenching and backfilling operations for subsea pipelines and cables. Sritama also has experience in lifting, load-in/load-out operations, land and sea-transportation analyses of LNG plant/ Gas plant modules and subsea structures. Sritama has good knowledge of mooring analyses, FPSO suction piles installation and hook-up operations. As MWS, she has participated in HIRA and HAZOP meetings for the pipeline projects, FPSO Hook-up and suction pile installations.

In her previous roles, Sritama has worked for inland dredger manufacturer, subsea vehicles manufacturer, offshore flexible pipeline manufacturer, offshore installation contractor and consultancy firms for offshore operations. She has worked with finite element packages like Orcaflex, MCS Pipelay, Sage Profile and Ariane for rigid/ flexible pipeline design, installation, and mooring analyses.

Sritama holds a bachelor’s degree in Geology (with Honours) and a master’s degree in Geology from Calcutta University, India. She holds a second master’s degree in Mechanical engineering (specialising in Dredging) from Delft Technical University, The Netherlands. Sritama obtained a Doctorate in Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering from the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. To date, Sritama has published 15 papers.