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Rémy Pascal

Rémy Pascal

Snr Project Engineer / Tank Testing Project Manager


Hydrodynamicist, Mechanical Engineer, Naval Architect, Renewables Consultant


Naval Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Tank Testing, Hydrodynamics, Technical Due Diligence, Wave & Tidal Energies, R&D




Rémy Pascal is a naval architect and marine renewable engineer with a speciality in tank testing and wave energy converter (WEC) development. Rémy completed its PhD in Marine Renewable at the University of Edinburgh in 2011 and has since worked with Abengoa Seapower as WEC developer (2011-2015) being responsible of tank test campaigns, hydrodynamic studies, and technical due diligences on external technologies. He joined INNOSEA in 2016 acting as engineer specialist in the field of WEC development, tank testing expert (tidal, solar floating and WECs) and project manager (R&D and commercial project).

Rémy is part of the IEC TC 114 group, as a technical expert in the Part 103 subgroup.