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Peter Croll

Renewables Technical Director


Marine Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Renewables Consultant


MWS, Cable Design & Lay, Heavy Lift from Jack-Up Vessels, Heavy Lift Floating Vessels, Novel Concept Review




A qualified and highly experienced marine engineer with over 25 years’ in various aspects of shipping and marine industries. 

Peter is a project manager and a senior cable / mechanical engineer at AqualisBraemar LOC in London.  Prior to joining ABL Group, Peter had significant seafaring experience, having served as an engineer officer on container vessels. 

Peter has extensive experience of design, production, and installation of cables, siesmic surveying, and subsea defence applications.  He has completed several vessel conversions as a mobilisation engineer to make them suitable for the installation of power cables in the energy sector. 

Peter has acted as a marine warranty surveyor for numerous projects, including document and procedure review, participation in HIRA, attendance offshore/ onsite and vessel suitability surveys. 

Peter has an MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a Member of the Institute of Engineering Designers.