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Mingkwan Surasorn

Country Manager Thailand


Marine Warranty Surveyor, Naval Architect, Vessel Inspector


MWS, Decommissioning, FPSOs and FPSO Replacement, Floating Solar, T&I Marine Operations Engineering, Naval Architecture




Mingkwan holds a bachelor’s degree in Naval Architecture and Engineering and is MSOMWS certified. With prior experiences in boat and yacht design, and related engineering (performance prediction, stability, structural design in composite and isotropic materials, wing ground effect aircraft), Mingkwan moved into the offshore industry. He joined ABL Group as a surveyor in 2014, having completed various types of offshore structural asset loadouts as well as oversized/high-value cargo float-on operations to semi-submersible vessels and general project cargo as attending MWS. Mingkwan has also undertaken engineering review of design and installation procedures relating to offshore construction projects.

As the Thailand Country Manager, Mingkwan is responsible for the day to day operations and quality control, as well as office commercial aspects. Mingkwan has recently lead the office in decommissioning of fixed offshore platforms (reefing of jacket) and FPSO replacement in both Thailand and Myanmar. Mingkwan is receiving support and a good following from clients in the more nontraditional but new greener energy industries, where the office has been engaged to handle fuel cell land transportation, and as MWS for floating solar projects.