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Lyubomir Djambazov

Country Manager, Principal Surveyor


Marine Warranty Surveyor, Vessel Inspector


Towage approvals, MWS, Jack-up Rig Moves, Loadout and Project Cargo




Holding a Class 1 Foreign Going Master’s Certificate and Certificate in Marine Salvage Law. Nineteen years as a surveyor and more than ten years at sea.

Expert in towage approvals, extreme experience in jack up rig move as marine warranty surveyor and Tow Master with 60 rig moves.

MWS during various HL/OD project cargo handling operations on board vessels and barges; removal and re-installation of drilling derricks on semi-sub drilling rig & drill ships; various offshore constructions – jacket installation and piling, topside installation, subsea. Attended more than 20 float-on and float-off operations.

Experience in H&M damage and condition surveys, general average surveys, JH 143 Shipyard Risk Assessment, P&I condition surveys, collision investigations, Salvage operations.

Full member of SOMWS in Rigs/ MODU and Project cargo categories.