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Li Xiang

Principal Geotechnical/Structural Engineer


Geotechnical Engineer, Marine Warranty Surveyor, Project Manager, Structural Engineer


Geohazard mitigations, MWS, SSA, LPA, Location Approvals, Jack-up installations, Offshore Wind Warranty Services, Geotechnical Analysis, Structural Analysis.




Li Xiang is a Principal Geotechnical/Structural Engineer at ABL and is responsible for advising and leading on a wide range of projects relating to offshore Engineering and loss prevention. He has been involved in offshore projects since 2008 and holds an Honours degree (B.Eng.) in Civil Engineering and a master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Offshore Technology from the National University of Singapore. 

Li Xiang has over ten years’ experience in offshore engineering and loss prevention, principally focused on engineering analysis and review/approval of Jack-up rigs, Windfarm Installation jack-ups and various offshore installation activities. His main expertise is in jack-up installation, as well as foundation assessment and Site-Specific Assessment for jack-up units, geotechnical and geophysical review for jack-up installation sites, and geohazard mitigations. Li Xiang has worked on both Renewable and Oil & Gas projects across Africa, Asia Pacific, Central Asia, Middle East, and North America.