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Jeff Davison

Jeff Davison

Naval Architect


Naval Architect




Jeff has over 30 years’ experience in energy development, production and asset management.  During his time with small and medium energy companies, Jeff has been responsible for both development and subsequent operations involving managing teams to safely, expediently and reliably achieve objectives.   This has involved extensive UK and international experience covering all aspects from technical, contractual, project and risk management, safety, environmental through to production operations, inspection and maintenance as well as organisation performance.

His skills are founded on a strong technical basis related to the use of floating and subsea facilities including FPSO, FSO, FPF, their installation and export systems in particular.  His skills extend commercially covering contracting strategies, implementation, management of execution as well as dispute resolution processes.  These skills have further evolved in providing support and consultancy services particularly in diagnosis and resolution of complex challenges which occur through the life cycle of an asset.