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Hemant Phul

Hemant Phul

P&I / Casualty Service Manager


Marine Casualty Investigator, Master Mariner


Allision and Collision, Grounding, Mooring and Anchor handling, Navigation, Salvage, Emergency Response, Wreck Removal, Shipboard Operations




Hemant, a seasoned Mariner, has a track record of success spanning more than 23 years in the maritime and marine salvage industry. Having held various positions at a leading global salvage service provider, Hemant’s expertise encompasses Emergency Response and Wreck Removal spaces.

Hemant’s extensive background lies in managing Container ships engaged in global trade, which served as a strong foundation for his transition into the field of Marine Salvage. Starting as a Salvage Coordinator, he went on to the role of Salvage Master, gaining experience with every project. Progressing further, he assumed the position of Operations Manager, where he became the key liaison for all stakeholders involved in salvage operations throughout the APAC region, including ship owners, underwriters, and local authorities.

Thereafter, Hemant was internally transferred to a mega land reclamation project using Polder Technology in Singapore at the inception stage. As the head of the Logistics and Temporary Works team, his team played an essential role in the project. Following a two-year deployment on the project, Hemant was called upon to lead the Singapore office of the Salvage division, representing the APAC region.

Throughout his career, Hemant has gained experience and contributed expertise to over 150 salvage operations across the globe. Now, Hemant joins the ABL group, bringing his wealth of salvage and project management experience to fortify our Maritime team, ensuring unparalleled solutions for our clients.