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Ewan Browell

Managing Director Canada


Marine Warranty Surveyor, Naval Architect


Decommissioning, MWS, Subsea and Pipelines, T&I




Ewan is a Naval Architect consultant and managing director of ABL Group Canada. He has extensive experience in delivery of marine warranty survey, engineering consultancy and third-party review services.

Since joining in 2015 – first in Aberdeen, UK before moving to Canada in 2017 – Ewan has been project manager and marine warranty surveyor on a number of projects based offshore in both the North Sea and Atlantic Canada. Acting on behalf of major oil and gas companies and their underwriters, Ewan provided third party review and approval of marine and transportation work scopes. Key operations included load-out, transportation and installation of subsea infrastructure, pipelines and flexibles as well as the decommissioning of oil production platforms.

Engineering consultancy activities have included generating ITT documentation for offshore installation of renewable energy devices, naval architecture (stability and structural assessments), assessing tender responses and providing technical recommendations to clients.

Prior to joining ABL Group, Ewan worked in the defence industry focused on vessel design. He acted as an owner’s representative managing the build and acceptance of vessels off contract.