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Danu Bintanov

Danu Bintanov

Senior Marine Surveyor


Marine Surveyor, Master Mariner




Captain Danu Bintanov holds an Indonesian Master Mariner Foreign Going Class 1 CoC (Unrestricted). He has long seagoing experience on various vessel types as an Officer up to Master from 1997 to 2012.

He left his seafarer job in 2012 and joined PT. Camarindo, Jakarta, as a Marine Surveyor, then joined PT. Wintermar, Jakarta, as a Port Captain and in May 2013 joined PT. Braemar Technical Services Offshore, now known as PT. ABL Indonesia Offshore (ABL Group) as a Marine Surveyor.

Captain Danu Bintanov also has experience conducting surveys such as pre-purchase, IMCA eCMID, H&M/P&I condition, H&M/P&I loss prevention and casualty. He is qualified as a Rig Mover, has a SOMWS membership inspector and AVI membership of IMCA eCMID inspector.