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Aishik Ganguly

Aishik Ganguly

Principal Surveyor


DP Engineer, Marine Warranty Surveyor, Master Mariner, Tow Master, Vessel Inspector


Offshore Pilotage, Rig Moves, Jack-up Rig, Flag Inspections, Trailered Loadouts, DP Assurance, Marine Warranty Surveys, Suitability Inspections, Condition Surveys, Float Overs, Heavy lift, Bollard Pull Witnessing, CMID Inspections, Pre-Purchase, Pipelaying




Aishik is a Master Mariner with over 22 years of combined experience in the shipping and offshore oil & gas sectors.  His seagoing career includes working on dry cargo vessels, undertaking worldwide voyages on Bulk Carriers, Container ships and Pure Car & Truck Carriers. His offshore sailing experience includes working as Master and Senior DPO on Anchor Handling tugs,  DP-2 ROV and DP-2 Saturation Dive support vessels. 

His specialist areas of competence are marine operations, rig moving and marine warranty. He has conducted more than 100 rig moves as Tow Master or Marine Warranty Surveyor. He is an accredited member of the Society of Marine Warranty Surveyors (SOMWS) for MODU rig moves and offshore construction projects having undertaken MWS projects involving towage approvals,  float-overs, trailered load out, pipelay, heavy lifting and jacket installation. He is also an accredited OVID Inspector, has undertaken CMID inspections, is accredited with Flag States for annual flag inspections, has been involved with H&M Insurance Claims, P&I Club surveys and DP vessel assurance / trials.