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Tattershall Castle: Surveys & Technical Support since 2003

Project Summary

The “TATTERSHALL CASTLE” is an ex-paddle steamer, built in 1934. In 1973 the Vessel was withdrawn from service on the Humber and since then she has been moored on the River Thames. Currently, she is moored at Kings Reach, Victoria Embankment (51°30’16.23″N 0° 7’21.19″W) and is used as a floating pub and restaurant.

LOC was first appointed in 2003 as a technical consultant, to advise on the safety and repairs for her refurbishment as a floating pub.

LOC has since provided a wide range of technical support services for the vessel, the cellar barge next to the ship, and its moorings. The vessel was designed and approved for hosting a maximum of #250 people onboard.

From 2011 to 2015 the vessel underwent a major redesign and refurbishment. LOC undertook the redesign of the internal subdivision and advised on works to be carried out to increase the number of onboard customers up to a maximum of #950 people. On the 30th March 2015 the vessel completed the hull repairs as advised by LOC.

As a result, vessel safety was enhanced and the vessel has since been approved for hosting up to 950 onboard customers. Furthermore, the vessel operational life has been extended, with the next dry dock planned to be by 2035. In the meantime a planned maintenance scheme was implemented by LOC and the vessel safety undergoes periodical inspections.

LOC is now appointed as Technical Authority for the ship following the wide range of technical support and engineering & design consulting provided to ‘TATTERSHALL CASTLE”.

Scope of Work

  • Appointed as technical authority for the vessel
  • Regular surveys and inspections of the vessel and its mooring arrangements
  • Development and implementation of planned maintenance programme
  • Preparation of repair specification and supervision of a major refit and refurbishment programme
  • Investigation of incidents affecting the vessel and providing technical advice to maintain safety

Continuing Support

LOC’s work and relationship with “TATTERSHALL CASTLE” has endured more than 17 years, with LOC recently carrying out the annual condition survey ahead of the vessel’s July re-opening, despite widespread restrictions caused by COVID-19. 

Milestones in LOC’s project support for ‘TATTERSHALL CASTLE” have included:

  • The vessel’s 1st stability calculation and damage stability
  • Vessel structural integrity check
  • Consulting on vessel weather-tightness
  • Risk & Safety consulting services including development of the evacuation plan, fire emergency plan and damage control plan
  • Vessel mooring analysis and design of new mooring system
  •  Development of planned maintenance scheme, including periodical onboard surveys and customised checklists for the onboad staff to report on vessel conditions daily / weekly / monthly
  • Periodical inspection onboard the vessel to ascertain her maintenance and annual report as result of the periodical inspection including the LOC annual survey checklist
  •  Marine & Engineering Consulting  and calculations to support the 2015 dry-docking refit to enhance the vessel’s watertight integrity and allow for longer periods of operation between requisite out of water inspections
  • Redesign of evacuation route for increased number of people. This includes design consulting for a new gangway and its construction to allow the evacuation of 950 people within 30 min
  • Underwater dive survey of the vessel’s bottom hull and local bathymetric monitoring, to re-assess the grounding risks
  • Review and approve where necessary: drawings, projects, calculations and plans related to the relocation of the vessel due to the Thames Tideway project
  • Review and approve transportation plans & procedures for proposed towage
  • Verify the compliance of the various marine operations performed for the towage
  • Review and approve contingency procedures and risk assessment
  • Attend and witness marine operations prior to the transfer of the Vessel
  • Suitability Survey of the tug/barge that will be used for the towage
  • Reviews of risks assessment related to the Marine Operations
  • Issue Certificate of Approval (CoA) for the safe transfer of the ship
  • Review and approve new mooring security at the new position

LOC London’s PhD Naval Architecture Consultant, Dr Aureliano Schirripa continues as Project Director.