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Rigs-to-reef: Rigs decommissioning in Gulf of Thailand

ABL operations in Thailand were involved in Thailand’s first ever rigs-to-reefs project for marine conservation – a project to re-purpose a decommissioned offshore oil & gas platform for the purpose of creating an artificial reef or habitat in which fish and local biodiversity can flourish.

The rigs-to-reefs initiative is one increasingly gaining popularity, costing significantly less than the total removal of offshore oil & gas assets in a traditional decommissioning, and transforming rig components for the positive purpose of supporting underwater ecosystems.

ABL’s scope of work

ABL operations in Thailand were appointed by Sapura Energy, to provide marine warranty survey services for the decommissioning of 7 jackets in the Gulf of Thailand, for their transformation into an artificial reef.

Project specifics

  • We acted as marine warranty surveyor (MWS) for all warranted offshore operations:
    • Jacket removal approval for 7 jackets
    • Marine transportation approval
    • Reefing approval at reef site
  • The project was carried out in water depths of up to 80 metres

Find out more about our technical support in decommissioning, from consulting & engineering to advise on feasibility, marine operations engineering and design, site investigations and more, to marine warranty survey for the 3rd party review and approval of decommissioning operations: