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Project milestone on Hinkley Point C

ABL Group operations in London have been providing marine advisory and marine warranty survey (MWS) services on the marine transportation and installation (T&I) operations on the Hinkley Point C nuclear project.

About Hinkley Point C nuclear project

The Hinkley Point C project involves the construction of two new nuclear reactors – the first nuclear power station to be built in the UK in over 20 years, and to provide low-carbon electricity for around 6 million homes.

ABL Group’s scope of work


To act as marine advisor and MWS on T&I operations relating to Hinkley Point C’s substantial subsea structures.

Reaching a project milestone

ABL marine warranty surveyors supported Hinkley Point C in reaching an important milestone in the project’s marine works, overseeing the successful installation in the Bristol Channel of the 1st outfall head structure, which weighs close to 5000 T.

The outfall head structures cap the three tunnels used for intake and outfall of water from the Bristol Channel to the power station.

These structures are the most complex and dense reinforcement structures across the Hinkley Point C Project, at 44 m in length – the size roughly of 4x double-decker buses!  

The work to install the system is regarded as one of the world’s most complex marine engineering projects due to the Bristol Channel’s high tidal range.

Read more on this here and watch a video of the marine operations undertaken.

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