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Physical Asset Verification of 7 Offshore Sites

Project Objective: To update the Asset Register with accurate and verified data that was captured in the field for the purposes of safety assurance and optimised materials and maintenance management.

Client: Super Major – Oil and Gas Operator

Duration: 6 months

Software: ePAV™Effio™

Why ABL Were Contracted

The client faced the following challenges:

  • Missing and inaccurate data in the existing Asset Register
  • Unable to source the correct parts due to name plate data missing
  • Wasting money ordering parts that were incorrect or obsolete
  • No assurance that all equipment was accounted for and therefore being managed or maintained
  • Request from corporate to execute an audit within a short time frame on 7 assets and not enough resources to liquidate the work simultaneously

What We Did

  • Conducted a Physical Asset Verification of 52,000 equipment tags, across 7 sites simultaneously to verify asset existence and collect key information using our ePAV™ app to streamline the process
  • Collected name plate data to be able to develop Bill of Materials (BoMs)
  • Red-line mark up of engineering drawings to define changes that were to be implemented
  • Prepared CMMS load sheets for implementation into the CMMS

ABL’s Findings

  • ABL found an additional 14,352 tags that were missing from the clients CMMS and engineering drawings
  • 82% of the name plate data was missing from the CMMS
  • Identified missing Safety Critical Equipment from existing CMMS

The Deliverables

  • CMMS upload sheets with new and verified tags, and their critical attributes for direct implementation into the CMMS
  • Red-lined as-built drawings, detailing the changes (e.g. additional equipment, changes to tag numbers, equipment that has been decommissioned) for the client to update
  • An independent “Valve Register”

The Benefits

  • Assurance that what is on site is reflected accurately in the CMMS and therefore can be managed appropriately to mitigate risk, assure reliability and optimise costs
  • All safety, production and environmentally critical equipment are accounted for and can be managed to reduce exposure to risk
  • Achieved audit requirements on time
  • Correct name plate data is now available in the CMMS for BoMs to be developed and the correct spares to be purchased
  • An independent register including all valves on site will enable a simpler and more efficient approach to routine maintenance, such as greasing, as well as tracking of “locked-open” and “locked-closed” valves, which is critical for managing the safety and integrity of the assets